October's new moon in Libra prompts reconnection with your nearest and dearest

The October new moon in Libra may have instigated the FB outage and forced us to call those who matter most!

October New Moon—New Moon and plane contrail at sunset near Windermere, UK.
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The October new moon in Libra is calling for us all to make time for the most important people in our lives. According to one knowledgeable astrologer, it may have forced us to make an effort!

If you've been keeping an eye on your weekly horoscope, you're sure to know that we've had a lot of upheaval as our old friend Mercury is in retrograde. If the Mercury Retrograde shadow period 2021 didn't shake you up enough, it's all too possible that you've had an exciting start to Libra season 2021.

When is the October new moon?

This month's new moon in Libra is rising on October 6, 2021 and astrologer, tarot reader, and psychic Inbaal Honigman tells woman&home that there are some serious forces at play in this lunar cycle.

"Right now, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Mars are all in Libra, and this is a huge deal!," she explains.

"Libra is a stylish planet, governing love, the home and balance," Inbaal says. "So the new moon in Libra will get us all feeling calmer and keener to spend time with our nearest and dearest." 

Shockingly, Inbaal says that she and fellow astrologers weren't surprised at all by the global outage of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp—which all went down on October 4, 2021 for approximately seven hours.

The outage pushed many to use more direct forms of communication with those who matter most. To pick up the phone for a chat or maybe go and meet up in real life—just what the Libra moon calls for!

"A natural outcome of the Social Media outage this week," she says. "Or was it written in the stars all along? We're halfway through the Mercury Retrograde, which is a period of three weeks, occurring 3-4 times per year, which causes communication failures," she explains. "The Social Media outage did not surprise any Astrologers!"

How to manifest on a new moon

As with every new lunar cycle, this is a chance to consider what you want moving forwards. "The new moon is a time to start small, and hope for something to grow," says Inbaal. Think seeds, which we plant knowing they'll take a long time to fruit.

Which differs slightly in comparison with full moon rituals which often incorporated what we want to leave behind as well as looking forward.

"This new moon is our chance to wish for some new starts in our lives," says Inbaal. "A new style perhaps, or a new home. Put your wishes down, pen to paper, and fold your wishes up real small, and hide them in your smallest pocket."

Which signs will be affected most by the new moon?

This cycle is likely to be an intense one for Cancer and Pisces.

"Cancerians are ruled by the Moon, and Pisceans correspond to the Moon Tarot card, so these two signs are likely to experience a heightened psychic sense," explains Inbaal. "Prophetic dreams, knowing things before they happen, and finding out lies and deceit."

For the air signs, it's a great time to harness all of that Libran energy.

Inball says, "Air signs like Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini should feel comfortable right now, with almost all the major planets in Libra or Aquarius."

"They'll be moved to work on a creative project, like the book they want to write, or the shed they want to paint."

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