Tarotscope September 2022: What do the cards have in store for your star sign this month?

Your September tarotscope, read by expert Tree Carr, combines astrology and tarot cards to help you plan the month ahead

Tarotscope for September 2022
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After a blazing hot and laid-back summer, it’s all cool and back to school with structured routines and earthy pragmatism for the month of September. Virgo season 2022 and the August New Moon 2022 bring a fresh start and productivity -but how will you navigate this period?

In this monthly tarotscope I'll equip you with tailored considerations and a mantra depending on your star sign. Wondering what exactly a tarotscope is? Look no further and allow me to explain.


A tarotscope is simply a tarot reading with a card pulled for each astrological star sign. It’s a bit like a horoscope but with tarot thrown in the mix. I will be pulling one tarot card from the legendary Rider-Waite deck for each and every one of you lovely zodiacal beings. This beautiful and concise deck has 78 cards, made up of minor and major arcana. Each card has a different meaning when it's upside down, or reversed as we say in tarot.

Your card will not only give you a bit of guidance or insight, but it can also help give you a heads up on what to expect or navigate for the month of September 2022. 

Ready?  Here we go! Read on for your star sign’s forecast.

Your September 2022 tarotscope

Tarotscope for September 2022

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Tarot card:  Reversed Nine of Pentacles

Message: Focus on your finances

I have a message for you Aries: be careful with your money! The excesses of summer indulgences could be catching up with you forcing you to step into a tight budget for the month of September. The number nine is featured on this card: financial precaution is highlighted as you move through the ninth month.(September)  Be mindful not to overspend or be reckless with your money. Also, use your head and do NOT get involved in any get rich quick or pyramid schemes as they could prove to be financially disastrous. Stay grounded and pragmatic and keep your financial impulses at bay and you should come out with a bit of coin saved up as September draws to a close. 

Mantra: ‘If I can’t eat it, should I buy it?’


Tarot card:  Page of Wands

Message: New projects

Go for it Taurus! Step out with that new project. September 2022 is the perfect alignment for activating your exciting ideas. Whether it’s a creative project, a career change or taking up a course and going back to school, trust that moving forward will bring about a wonderful change in your life. New chapters abound! In a year's time you will be thanking your past self for embarking upon this journey. 

Mantra: ‘I am following my soul’s purpose.’


Tarot card: The Devil

Message: Shadow work

Freedom-loving Gemini, the summer was carefree and fun but as you move into September you may notice a shift of energy that can leave you feeling slightly restricted. A summer romance could suddenly take on a different tone, leaving you feeling tied down. This is an opportunity to deep dive into your shadow (your wounded self) and work through these challenging feelings of being controlled. September is also a perfect time for those of you Geminis that need to change some bad habits in your life - doom scrolling on Instagram or give up those evening glasses of wine. Look at the areas in your life where addiction has gotten out of control and has become self-destructive. September is the month to set yourself free! 

Mantra: ‘Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior.’ 


Tarot card: Nine of Cups

Message: Practice gratitude 

There is a lot to be grateful for lovely Cancerians. You will be feeling like a wish has come true during the month of September. The number nine on the card signifying the ninth month (September) could bring with it wonderful feelings of happiness and contentment in various areas in your life. There will be more of a focus on relationships and interpersonal dynamics. In some instances you may not be able to believe your luck! Remember to count your blessings and send out gratitude to the universe and don’t let it go to your head. 

Mantra:  ‘I am grateful’ 


Tarot card: Seven of Wands

Message: Stand your ground

It looks to be a competitive month for you my dear Leo. The key here is to stand your ground with what you believe in and what you’ve worked hard for. Practice healthy boundaries and stay within your personal power. If trolls, haters or naysayers come your way, deflect their energy away from you and don’t let them get you down. You’ve been somewhat in the spotlight since the seventh month (July) so all this drama around you is part of an  accumulative effect. Just keep on being true to yourself and notice the competitive attacks easing off by the end of September. Your light shines out and attracts those people who align with your higher good

Mantra: ‘I will not be knocked off course.’ 


Tarot card: Reversed Temperance

Message: Restore balance

Happy Birthday Virgo! This is your season. There is alot to celebrate but be mindful of excess. Balance of your mind, body and spirit is needed in the month of September. If you have been burning the candle at both ends with parties, work, events or social activities, you might want to promptly get yourself on a detox and get some proper sleep. You don’t want to burn out. All in moderation. Get yourself into some healthy routines:  mediation, exercise, good nutrition and good sleep. I hate to sound like your granny here but: take care of yourself my dear!

Mantra: ‘Slow down, take care, rest.’ 


Tarot card: Reversed 10 of Cups

Message: Reflect on relationships

Lovely Libra, your relationships come into focus this month. You could be navigating challenging terrain leaving you feeling disconnected, unhappy and unfulfilled. It’s a chance to take stock and to reflect on what really aligns with you and your core values. There could be some interpersonal relationships that no longer align with where you are in your life at the moment. Reflect on what truly makes you happy. Relationship intensities could amplify over Mercury Retrograde (September 9 - October 1, 2022)  so make sure to take care of yourself. 

Mantra: ‘What truly makes me happy?’


Tarot card: Reversed High Priestess

Message: Time to go inward

It's been a social butterfly of a time throughout the summer for you Scorpio and all that extroverted energy is quietly taking its toll on you. It’s time to go inward this September. Disconnect from the external world and the drama of social events and get back into your quiet zone. This includes all of your spiritual practises, mediation, crystals, tarot or dreamwork. For those of you who feel disconnected from your intuition, this is the time to reconnect and trust. You are highly intuitive, bordering on psychic and now is the month to really trust and grow with your abilities. 

Mantra: ‘I trust my intuition.’


Tarot card:  Four of Pentacles

Message: Your relationship with money

The month of September highlights your relationship with money, dear Sagittarius. The start of a new season is a great time to bring in some new habits. When it comes to money, reflect on how you relate to it. Are you reckless and impulsive? Spending all of your paychecks on those Balenciaga trainers. Or are you fearful and stingy? Denying yourself that much-needed back massage because you have savings goals. Money seems to work best when it can flow and exchange so however you approach your finances this month, do so with balance. 

Mantra:  ‘My money flows and balances.’ 


Tarot card:  Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Message: Practice self-discipline

It’s back into a routine for you hardworking Capricorns. You have been buzzing with career ideas all summer long but now it’s time to pull away from the brainstorming and into the zone of studious self-discipline. In the month of September, it would be advantageous for you to commit to creating a schedule and routine in order to make your ideas happen. Get strict with yourself and create a schedule, timeline and goals. Sometimes we have to lean into the mundane grind in order to see results. Know that this is not forever and the hard work and sweat that you put in throughout September will pay off. 

Mantra: ‘ I am productive’.


Tarot card:  Four of Swords

Message: Give yourself a break

The month of September is the perfect time for you to take a break Aquarius. If you’ve been working hard all through the summer, perhaps a September holiday is in order for you. This month is also a time where you should be pulling away from social energies and going inward for some self reflection:  think meditation, journaling or dreamwork. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the month of October. 

Mantra:  ‘ I give myself rest.’ 


Tarot card: The Fool 

Message: Take a leap of faith

What an exciting month ahead for you lovely Pisces! If you’ve been contemplating an adventure or a trip or starting a new venture, take the leap of faith and go for it. This is a new chapter of possibilities and the road ahead is wide. The energy of spontaneity and synchronicity is with you this month, guiding you and helping you to feel like you are in the flow of the universe. Don’t be dismayed during Mercury Retrograde (September 9 - October 1, 2022)   if travel plans or social arrangements experience a few glitches (that’s normal) Just laugh it off and let it be water off a duck’s back and carry on with your free-spirited self.

Mantra: ‘ I trust the universe.’

Tree Carr
Dream guide, death doula, and divinatory guide

Tree Carr is a published author who works in the esoteric realms of dreams, death, and divination. Her published books include 'Conscious Dreamer' and ‘DREAMS: How to Connect With Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life'.

Tree is also a CPD Crossfields Institute Certified Death Doula. Her work as an End of Life Guide involves helping people spiritually, emotionally, existentially and practically at the end of their lives.

As an intuitive empath, she is self-taught in divinatory guidance: The Tarot, Rune Stones and Astrology and has facilitated readings, rituals, classes, and courses spanning a wide variety of esoteric subjects. 

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