This Jo Malone dupe from Superdrug's Bloom range will save you £49

Jo Malone dupes don't come much more affordable that Superdrug’s Bloom range

Superdrug's Bloom EDT is a Jo Malone dupeETD
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Superdrug's Bloom range might be ideal for you if you're a fan of Jo Malone dupe fragrances that are more affordable than the luxury brand. 

Just like our favourite Chanel No 5 dupe, Superdrug’s small range of fragrances and body sprays smell extraordinarily similar to some of the most popular Jo Malone fragrances, but come at a fraction of the price and are the perfect size for popping in your handbag.

The Superdrug Bloom range features four dreamy scents—Driftwood and Sea Salt, Orange Rose and Amber, Dark Berry and Jasmine—plus, most excitingly, the Jo Malone dupe, Mandarin and Lime Basil.

Because of the scent’s popularity, the Mandarin and Lime Basil scent is only available in a mini 10ml bottle, but these are the perfect size for weekends away or keeping in your bag. 

Even more exciting is the bottle's price. At only 98p, Superdrug's Bloom perfume is £49.02 cheaper than Jo Malone's version which currently sells for around £50 for a larger 30ml bottle.

Lime basil and Mandarin is Jo Malone's signature scent but fans have flocked to Superdrug's website to acknowledge the similarities between the high-end and budget versions, many adding impressive reviews. One wrote, “Smells lovely, just like the Jo Malone version.”

While another fan of Superdrug's budget perfume couldn't help but comment, “This is a fabulous perfume. Can really smell the lime and basil and a good amount of patchouli which I love.”

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The other scents in the range seem to impress just as much as the Jo Malone dupe with Driftwood and Sea Salt being billed as smelling just like a summer holiday, while the Orange Rose and Amber scent—which is currently only available as a body spray—has been described as, “quite intoxicating, but not over-powering and it lasts for ages.”

We really don't need any more convincing, Jo Malone dupes at Superdrug for pennies? Yes please!

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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