Full Moon March 2023 in Virgo is setting the stage for major change - especially for these signs

There’s no looking back now the stars push us forward into a brand-new world and some signs will feel it more - whether they like it or not

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We’re now officially in the third month of 2023 and if you’re still dealing with 2022 problems - the stars say it’s officially time to let go and move on. The Full Moon March 2023 in Virgo says change is upon us and it's time to drop the past.

While that may seem abrupt, the truth is, that 2023 astrology has granted us two months to transition out of those old tropes and worn-out plots. This is so we could prepare for all the changes coming our way – and it starts now. Like, right now, with this jam-packed Full Moon in Virgo - which is also known as a Worm Moon

This bombastic date in the Moon calendar 2023 has an added level to consider. The New Moon February 2023 served as a preview of the upcoming changes and radical shifts in the cosmic energy of 2023. March will see three major planets all changing signs – which you will want to pay attention to, as well as checking out our tarotscope March 2023.

But first, this Full Moon is packing a punch all on its own. Yes, Pisces season 2023 is coming in hot, and here's why.

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On the same day of this Full Moon, taking place on March 7, 2023, at 7:40 AM EST Saturn – the planet of structure, hard work, rules, and responsibility – changes signs and enters Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, where Saturn will remain for almost three years. 

As the opposite sign of Virgo, where the Full Moon March 2023 takes place, the push-pull dynamic between Virgo and Pisces will present an opportunity for us to think about, deal with, or give or receive closure. While it’s easy to be dismissive of the concept of closure – namely, that it doesn’t exist – this lunation is a reminder that it's very real and more importantly, very healing. Even if the only closure you get is what you grant yourself. 

Virgo is a fussy sign, one that prompts us to gather as much information as we can. “Why did this happen? Why is this person doing this?” What did I do to deserve this? How can I be better? What about me isn’t good enough?” And this part of our charts will ruminate for hours, days, even years in a quest to find the answers – even if those answers never come or the answer does come - but we can't accept it. 

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The Pisces energy that is present in this Full Moon, however, and with Saturn entering this sign at this critical moment, reminds us that sometimes we will never know why something happened. However, we can practice gratitude for who we are - which is something to consider if you partake in any Full Moon rituals.

We can show grace in acceptance of what occurred and we can show that wisdom is not resisting or trying to change the past. What’s done is done and all we can do is remember the cyclical nature of life. The end is in the beginning and the beginning is in the end. We can always have a second chance at a theme if we just give ourselves the chance to experience it. 

Here's how the Full Moon of March 2023 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

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Tackle your to-do list? How about a To-Don’t List instead? With this Full Moon in your sixth house of health and habits, this Full Moon is inviting you to let go of your persistent need to not only get it all done but to get it done all once. You might find that by doing less, you get more – out of your day, out of others, and even, out of life. What’s the rush? There’s always going to be something else to get done. Does it have to be right now? Does it have to be you that does it? Sit with the questions before rushing to answer them too, Aries.


Scroll through Tarot TikTok and you’ll hear some version of, “your ex is coming back.” And with that long-awaited apology because they’ve realized you’re the one. If they do come back, Taurus, ask yourself - why do you want them? And be honest if you even still do. With this Full Moon in your fifth house of pleasure, you’re likely ruminating on past loves. But with so much change on the horizon, are you willing to bet against your future for someone from your past? Maybe if you let go of the idealized version of them in your head, you can see them – and your situation – for what it truly is. 


Be extra gentle with yourself, Gemini. This Full Moon is taking place in one of the most sensitive areas of your chart – the fourth house of home and family. It’s the part of yourself that not many people get to see. Even the ones you live with may not fully grasp the breadth and depth of who you are. It could be that those parts remain a mystery even to yourself. But the Full Moon  March 2023 is calling on you to let go of the guardrails you’ve built around your hearth – and your heart. Who can you talk to? What mindful practices can you engage in? What makes home feel like sanctuary? Protect your peace at all costs.


You have a very simple assignment during this Full Moon, Cancer. Simple but perhaps not easy for a sign as notoriously shy as you can be. Taking place in your third house of communication, the Full Moon March 2023 is lighting up the ways in which you hold yourself back from truly expressing what is in your heart and mind. It’s time to not ask yourself why you do this – but what you’re gaining or losing by it. Remember that your words don’t have to be perfect for you to say them. Remember that even if you’re in touch with your feelings, articulating them can still be a challenge for anyone. Say them anyway.


One package arrives with another one on the way. A dozen browser tabs are open, each with fully filled shopping carts. It’s ok to reward yourself. Money is meant to be spent. But with this Full Moon in your second house of income, you’re being asked to consider if your online shopping habit is filling the void instead of merely emptying your wallet. Is the anticipation of receiving these products greater than what happens when you have them in your possession? The stars are calling on you to identify where the lack is really coming from, so you can properly fill your cup with what you need – and want.


It’s time to let go of anything – or anyone – that is standing in the way of you living your life. What the Full Moon March 2023, in your first house of self, wants you to understand is that life is difficult enough - without sticking to thoughts, patterns, or even people who make it more challenging than it needs to be. You may now recognize your own traits that you’d like to change or even insecurities you’d like to address – but what you don’t need is someone shaming you for having them in the first place. What you need is someone who can help you work on them. It’s time to when to let go of those who can’t or won’t support you.


You don’t have to show up for anyone but yourself right now, Libra. The Full Moon March 2023 is in your twelfth house of the subconscious. With this, the stars are bringing awareness to where you may be so focused on 'fixing' other people that you are putting your own health – physical, financial, or emotional – at risk. What you need to remind yourself is that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved – and neither does anyone else. In your quest to help others – whether that’s overly giving or a need to armchair diagnose them – see if you can’t redirect that energy back towards caretaking yourself. Be kind to yourself, first.

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Society puts a lot of attention on romantic relationships – but it’s relationships of all kinds that give life meaning. Especially friendships. Friendships should be easy – you don’t wait three dates to decide if want to see them again. You don’t worry about double texting them. But we often neglect these bonds. With this Full Moon in your eleventh house of alliances, you’re being reminded of a simple phrase: that’s what friends are for. Let go of your perceived need to go it alone. Think of a person you care for and haven’t connected with in a while. Then five others. Send each of them a text that simply says you’re thinking about them. Trust the stars - you’ll love what you receive.


With this consequential Full Moon in your tenth house of career, you’re finally being recognized for your hard work and dedication. If you find the fanfare less than favorable, you might decide that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it forever. This lunation is about asking yourself if your career is aligned with your personal values and your sense of purpose. It’s OK if it’s not, and it’s even more OK if you think of your job as something that provides security. All you have to do is release equating your personal value with a job title. Because it’s not who you are, Sagittarius.


Here’s a simple truth. No one wants to feel rejected. It stings. But structuring your life to prevent ever feeling the slightest bit of it? Well, it robs you of being able to experience something new. Of connecting with others. Of allowing life to surprise you. And that’s what you’ve been longing for, hasn’t it, Capricorn? With the Full Moon March 2023 in your ninth house of beliefs, you are being encouraged to let go of any limiting thoughts you have. Limiting thoughts about yourself or about people, places, or things that you’ve told yourself you don’t want to meet, see, or try. Life is very short – why hold on to outdated ways of going through it? 


With this Full Moon culminating in your eighth house of karmic debts, you’re being called to notice all the ways you do keep score with others, even if you don’t mean to. Your job is to listen for all the times you say or hear, “after all the things I’ve done for you” or “I would never,” and see if your actions are coming from a place of obligation. Do you feel secure enough in your closest and most intimate relationships that what you give and receive is done without any expectation of return? It’s OK to acknowledge that sometimes we give to secure our relationships. All you have to do is acknowledge yourself when you do. 


During this Full Moon, taking place in your seventh house of partnership, you may notice a longing for aloneness. Not loneliness, but your solitude. It’s easy to lose yourself in a partnership – to make decisions not entirely based on your personal wants or needs, but in service to other people. And sometimes sacrifice and compromise are necessary, but just as equally required is assertion and advocacy for your own self and your own boundaries. You can still merge with another person without submerging your own identity – and it’s your job to let go of any codependent tendencies that suggest otherwise.

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