The Pisces New Moon February 2023: Magic is in the air and it’s heavily impacting these star signs

The New Moon February 2023 in Pisces wants you to face your fears and do it anyway but some signs are going to feel it more than others

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The New Moon February 2023 is serving as a preview of the upcoming changes and radical shifts in the cosmic energy of 2023 and we say welcome to this magical New Moon!

As a collective, we’re wrapping up old stories before embarking on entirely new chapters – and it all starts now. With Pisces season 2023 bringing all that Piscean energy you have gotta love, some signs will feel things a little more intensely.

Taking place on February 20, 2023, at 2:06 AM EST, this New Moon is all about chasing your dreams – and finally being able to catch them. New Moons are a potent time in the cosmos as we are phasing into a new cycle. They offer us a magical time for manifesting our deepest wishes and desires as seeing them unfold over the next few months. 

With this date in the Moon calendar 2023 nestled in the deeply spiritual and fantastically imaginative sign of Pisces, it only adds to our ability to make real our dreams. However, the Sun and Moon are in a close conversation with stern planetary taskmaster Saturn – but this doesn’t have to crash the party.

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The secret to this New Moon's magic? Casting your fears, worries, and doubts aside – because the surest way to ensure that your magic won’t work is to think that it won’t. 

Positive thinking and optimizing your self-concept are the keys to harnessing the possibilities and opportunities of this imaginative and creative Pisces New Moon. When you practice honing your self-concept, you’re fine-tuning your internal belief systems about yourself – who you are, what your qualities and traits are, and how others perceive you. 

Practice saying things like, “I am a good friend/person/partner,” or, “what is meant for me makes its way to me,” to reinforce that which you are trying to attract under the influence of this dreamy New Moon.

Because while Saturn can stir up feelings of doubt, or fears of rejection, remember that Saturn is also the planet of commitments. It means taking that solemn energy and using it to solidify our ideas of who we are and what we want by doing the work. This makes our intentions like a kind of cosmic glue that cements our perceptions into reality. 

Here's how the New Moon February 2023 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

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Change starts from the inside – and the New Moon February 2023 is in your twelfth house of the subconscious mind is inviting you to own who you are and let go of self-limiting beliefs that could be holding you back from realizing your true power. You’re about to undergo a major shift in your inner world – namely how you process information and feel your emotions – and it starts with this lunation. And it starts with being kinder to yourself and quieting your inner critic. Get into a restful position and repeat positive affirmations that begin with “I am” statements to remind yourself who you are on the inside and out. You’re laying the foundations for your future right now.


A New Moon in your eleventh house of hopes and dreams is an auspicious time for you to fantasize about your future. Right now, the only limit to what you can achieve is your own imagination – and your ability to believe that it can be yours. We can fall victim to the comparison game. If evaluating yourself against other people’s milestones leaves you feeling bad, remind yourself that if it’s possible for them, why wouldn’t it be probable for you? If you can think about it, it can happen. This New Moon is asking you to shed a scarcity mindset and have faith in yourself and the Universe to conspire to bring you what you desire. Just believe, Taurus. 


If you’ve been considering a change in career, this New Moon in your tenth house of public image will help you plant the seeds to manifest that dream job or calling. Sure, you could be good at your current job. But is your current job good for, and to, you? If not, the stars want you to cast aside any lingering doubts about your abilities, skills, and expertise. Don’t allow imposter syndrome to hold you back from realizing your potential at the cost of your dreams. The truth is, you can’t meet the moment if you don’t show up to greet it. And you’re ready. More than ready. Opportunity is knocking, Gemini. Go answer the call.


It’s time to break out of your comfort zone, Cancer, which is easier said than done, especially for a sign that craves security. But this New Moon in your ninth house of adventure is beckoning you to crawl out from under your proverbial shell and put yourself out there. If you’ve been looking to expand your horizons – perhaps undertake a new form of study, start a podcast, explore new places, or cross items off your life’s bucket list – there is no time like this present moment. Remember that every journey starts with a first step, and you’ll look back on this time and be glad you initiated those plans now - but you have to start.


Healing opportunities are presenting themselves to you – but first, you have to acknowledge where it hurts. With this New Moon in your eighth house of secrets and intimacy, the stars are asking you to drop your game face. As the performer of the zodiac, you may find that you put on a show of bravery. One that can lead you to smile through the pain or avoid dealing with it completely - but at what cost? Your heart is your greatest strength, and being vulnerable is how you can best share that big beating heart of yours with others. It’s how you get the true connection you seek. It’s how you cure the loneliness you may feel. Be brave, Leo.


Cupid’s arrow has landed on you, Virgo, and a big transformation is coming into your love life. It starts with the New Moon February 2023, which is in your seventh house of intimate partners. If the idea of romance and being wooed and pursued feels awkward or cringey, it may be time to evaluate your beliefs about love and what you believe you deserve. Can you drop the cynicism or skepticism? This New Moon is filled with mysticism and magic – the kind that allows you to see clearly what you need in love, even if it’s different than what you think you want. Love is a many splendid and wonderful thing. And it is not only possible for you right now – it’s very probable as well.


Can you surrender your attachment to the ways things are or the way things have always been? That’s the question that this New Moon in your sixth house of routine will be asking you to consider as you embark on this new chapter. While you may think of yourself as fluid and flexible, is it closer to the truth to acknowledge that being labeled as 'easygoing' is actually a trap? One that prevents you from advocating for your own needs or asking others to respect your boundaries? That’s where real change happens – and where you clearly establish what’s your responsibility and what you have no control over. It’s time to feel free, Libra. 

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The muses are smiling on you, Scorpio. You’re being showered with tons of good ideas and your creative juices are flowing with this New Moon in your fifth house of fun. Remember though, that you must be present and available to receive this divine inspiration. This means quieting any inner critics or releasing creative blocks to clear the cosmic pathways. Remind yourself of how gifted and talented you are. Indulge your daydreams, your imagination, and your fantasies. Make pleasure a priority – by making time to do the things you love. You’re on the brink of the breakthrough you’ve been wishing for.


This New Moon in your fourth house of home and family is activating the most private sector of your chart – the parts of you that not many see and that perhaps you don’t even want to acknowledge. The New Moon February 2023 is not about disavowing your past – or about blaming and shaming yourself for how you wish you would’ve responded at the time. You’ve learned and grown so much – don’t forget that. Thank your past self for doing the best you could with what you knew at the time. And now you know better – trust that, Sagittarius. And trust your instincts. You’ve earned them. And you’ll need them going forward.


You’re embarking on a new chapter in how you think and feel, Capricorn, with this New Moon in your third house of communication. This unwritten chapter may find you in plots where perhaps you don’t immediately know the answer. Where hyper-analysis isn’t the most effective tool, and where you don’t have to blame yourself for not having known something in the first place. You’re only human, after all, and despite the pressure you, or others, put on you - you are not in control of the Universe. Allow that thought to give you a sense of release on the way forward, even if it initially makes you bristle. Life is meant for learning and growing – and enjoying the ride.


De-influencing is your keyword for this New Moon in your second house of income. It’s the idea that you don’t actually have to buy that new thing you see while mindlessly scrolling on the internet. You’re not missing out on the next best invention even if social media influencers would have you think so. Yes, this New Moon is about saving money, but it’s also about only investing your time, effort, and energy into worthwhile ventures – and not pinning your hopes that some magic product will magically solve your problems. The stars are extending you an invitation, one that’s about investing in what matters most - your sense of self. 


Change is afoot, Pisces, with the New Moon February 2023 in your first house of the self and it’s not just change for the sake of change – but change for the better. It’s the kind of change that may fundamentally transform who you are and how others perceive you – but it’s also the kind of change that once you undergo it, you wouldn’t take it back. Now is the time to evaluate what parts of your life you wish and fantasize about could be different – and what is blocking those parts from becoming a reality. Remember that nothing is impossible and a no or a rejection is just a redirection to what truly is possible for you if you believe it will be.

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