Great British Sewing Bee's Jean makes outfits for her cats and fans are obsessed!

The Great British Sewing Bee fans are in love with ‘icon’ Jean who makes clothes for her cat

BBC Great British Sewing Bee
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The first episode of the 7th Season of the Great British Sewing Bee saw fans fall in love with a whole new cast of amateur sewers. But Jean has stolen viewer’s hearts with her adorable outfits for her cats. 

The Seventh Season of the Great British Sewing Bee opened with a bang on Wednesday 14th April 2021. With judges Esme Young and Patrick Grant at the helm, viewers were introduced to a variety of new contestants who took on three different challenges during the episode. 

Fans quickly found a new ‘icon’ in Jean Gascoigne, a colourfully dressed art psychotherapist from Northern Ireland who won fans over with her unusual obsession with cats. One fan took to Twitter to say, “Jean from the great British sewing bee who makes her cat clothes so he can match with her and also made a cat skirt on the technical challenge is my new icon.”

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For the second task of the episode, the amateur sewers undertook the Transformation Challenge. This task asked the contestants to turn old t-shirts into a completely new garment in just 90 minutes. 

During this task, Jean demonstrated her adoration of cats and produced a dress that features the lovely creature on the skirt. While she made the dress, Jean’s home video showed her cat named Yoda in a variety of matching outfits made by Jean, as she revealed her two big passions: “cats and tie-dye.”

Following the hour and a half long challenge, Jean surprised the judges with her feline-themed dress. Upon seeing the garment, judge, Patrick Grant said, “Roses and pussies. The placement, it’s a little bit odd.” He paused as he and Esme laughed at the cats that featured on the crotch area of the dress. Patrick then continued: “That’s terrific!... Who chose to put the pussies on the front? I don’t know what to say. What are you all doing?”

During the broadcast, Patrick Grant took to Twitter to comment on this hilarious part of the show. Patrick simply tweeted the word “Miaow.”

Fans found this response hilarious and many commented with their delight under the image. One fan said, “Genuinely the funniest moment on TV in the last 6mnths! Thank you xxx” Another fan made a pun and said, “It’s so good to have you back, you were purrfect and had me in stitches tonight, and not the needle and thread kind!!”

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