Cat Deeley is making jewelry out of her children's teeth—'It’s slightly macabre and a bit weird'

Cat Deeley has revealed her bizarre plan to make a keepsake out of her children's milk teeth as she plans to wear them as accessories

Cat Deeley is making jewelry
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It was just revealed that Cat Deeley is making jewelry out of her children's milk teeth as the presenter plans to make keepsakes dipped in gold that she can wear as a bracelet.

TV host Cat Deeley is known for her effortlessly chic style and her endearing personality which has earned her great success in the UK and US, but a recent announcement has divided fans. 

In a recent podcast, Cat Deeley was invited to share her wardrobe must-haves and beauty advice and the star shared a slightly bizarre jewelry idea. Cat revealed that she had a macabre idea in the works and planned to start wearing human teeth as jewelry.

Cat Deeley

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This isn't as scary as it first seems, as it is actually a rather sweet way that the star plans to make a keepsake out of her children's teeth—and this idea actually seems to be a top jewelry trend of 2022.

The star is married to comedian, Patrick Kielty with whom she shares two sons, Milo, six, and James, three, and revealed that it is her eldest son who is currently losing his teeth.

The presenter told the SheerLuxe Podcast, "I’m having a bracelet made at the moment. Now stick with me here—it’s slightly macabre and a bit weird."

"My eldest child Milo has just started losing his teeth. He’s lost one so far." said Cat, "So I am like, ‘What am I going to do with this tooth?'"

The star then revealed that she was going to have her son's teeth dipped in gold and then hang them from a bracelet like a charm from a designer named Conor Joseph at the Sarabande Foundation.

"I'm having a bangle made with their skin (fingerprint) on it, and I’m going to get him to dip the baby teeth in gold and attach them one by one to my bracelet."

"They will dangle and it’ll look nuts." The star then added quickly for the younger viewers, “But I do have to write to the tooth fairy asking for the tooth back."

The artist Conor Joseph, who Cat referred to, specializes in making jewelry with your loved one's fingerprints on it and has a variety of expensive pieces that can be custom-made with your own fingerprint or body part. 

The prices for these bespoke pieces are not cheap and the fingerprinted items start at £275. It is unclear how much the price would be for jewelry that includes actual human teeth, but it is likely to be a rather large sum. 

The artist also creates other bespoke pieces and has previously made bracelets with small vagina charms on them.

If you are looking for some of the best personalized jewelry on the market, there are a variety of less pricey shops that allow you to incorporate a personal message or symbol in a less physical manner.

The best jewelry brands often have a variety of personalization methods, so you can impress your loved one with a sentimental gift.

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