Cancer season 2023: When does the BIG FEELS season start and how will it affect your zodiac sign?

Cancer season 2023 is all about heart and home as we move into the height of summer - but are you ready to form deeper emotional bonds?

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Welcome to Cancer season 2023. It’s all about the feels! Embrace the summer season by connecting to creativity, healing, intuition, and soul nourishment. Come out of your shell and expand your awareness by moving into deeper emotional bonds with loved ones, express the poetry of your soul, and celebrate the deep feeling of the divine feminine within. 

Cancer season brings a depth of nurturing, homebody energy as we move away from the busy, social vibes of Gemini season 2023. It’s all about heart and home as we move into the height of summer and it’s a perfect time to mother yourself and others. This is cosmic mama energy. Think garden gathering meets healing circle.

About Cancer zodiac sign

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Cancerians are the archetype of the divine mother - deeply caring, full of compassion and empathy. In Ancient Greek philosophy, Plato considered Cancer as the house of the Great Mother. The word Cancer is Latin for crab and finds its origins from karkinos - the Greek word for the crab that was crushed under the foot of Hercules. (Ooof! Take it easy big man) The poor body of Karkinos, the crushed crab was then placed in the sky by the goddess Hera, which she transformed into the constellation of Cancer. Ahh saved by the goddess and made into a twinkly immortal.

A deeply feeling and intuitive water sign, with a cardinal modality (initiators!), Cancer's ruling illuminary is the Moon, ruler of emotions and the unconscious. This may be why many Cancerians pay particular attention to the Moon calendar 2023.

Concerned predominantly with helping to heal and nurture the world, Cancerians are also creative activators and protectors willing to forge through obstacles to set up firm roots and foundations of care. Ruler of the fourth house of home, it's no wonder that Cancerians are drawn to all things home, family, and foundations. 

Emotionally intelligent and gifted carers, the crab has a soft and loving center despite its sometimes hard and defensive shell. Adaptable like the hermit crab, the Cancerian archetype teaches us to grow and evolve beyond our comfort levels. The perfect Cancerian poster girl is Pamela Anderson -  caring mother, animal lover, heart-on- the sleeve type of gal, true soul, and resilient crab warrior in the face of the toxic media that tried to destroy her. A true Cancerian romantic, Pam once said - “Love never goes away; it just changes form.” 

So listen to Pam. Embrace love during Cancer season 2023. Join a healing circle, adopt a rescue dog, propose to your lover, paint the sunset, or simply share loving kindness with those around you. It’s time to connect with the intuitive flow of unconditional love, open up our hearts, embrace empathy, express our sentimental side, and evolve our emotional journey through life in a more positive, healing, and creative way.  

When does Cancer season 2023 start?

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The sensitive crab begins its swim through the waters of Cancer season 2023 on June 21, traversing through the emotional depths of the unconscious before surfacing to crawl onto the beaches of enlightenment on July 22.

Check your astrology birth chart for your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign to see how the season influences you and which days are heightened for your zodiac.  

Cancer season 2023 horoscope


Hey there Aries! It’s the summer months and although it’s very easy to get out there to every social event, party, or function, be mindful to not burn the candle at both ends - especially as work commitments might intensify over the summer. Self-care is the main theme during Cancer season 2023 when your ruling planet Mars, enters organized Virgo in your sixth house of health on July 10. This is an ideal time to focus on healthy new habits for your mind, body, and spirit. Reflect on the guidance from last season because part of your healthy new habits should also take into consideration how your career or work impacts your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  

Mantra, “I am prioritizing my health.”


Hello Taurus! I hope you were able to release some of your burdens last season and have felt a shift of positivity come into your life. Cancer season could be pulling some of you into the deeper waters of emotional connections with others: whether it’s romantic partners or family members. This is the season to have the heart-to-heart conversations that have previously been avoided and to mend bridges and heal hearts. It would be advantageous to do this before Venus, the planet of love goes retrograde on July 22! Prepare yourself by practicing love without attachment: one of the guiding principles of unconditional love. (Look into the eight types of love from Ancient Greece) Meditate, journal your feelings, and look into ways of emotionally expressing yourself through positive communication with others. 

Mantra, “I am deepening my emotional connections.” 


Hello Gemini! I hope Cancer season 2023 is treating you well so far. You’ve been moving into the best version of yourself since last season and things seem to be looking up for you. Speaking of which, look out for a shift of career energy when your ruling planet, Mercury moves into nurturing Cancer in your second house of possessions on June 26. This astrological alignment can be helpful around work and money and an ideal time to apply for a job, a promotion, pitch a project or do some career networking. It's also the perfect time for making improvements at home. Clear out old clutter, buy a new rug, bring more plants into your home, paint your bedroom wall a new color, or engage in some Feng Shui. 

Mantra, “I am improving my career and home life.” 


Hello Cancerians! It's your season and for many of you, your Solar Return. Hopefully, last season brought some of you some much-needed abundance. If not, I’m sure the gifts will be flowing your way on your birthday! There is an important cycle completing for you this season when the Full Moon in Capricorn moves into your seventh house of relationship on July 3. This could be an emotional one for some of you but it’s very healing and powerful all the same. When cycles complete it means a rebirth into something new. Capricorn energy wants to restructure the way you have relationships, and it's all good. Spend the Full Moon in a self-care practise, cathartically releasing, finding closure and embracing healing. Step into the rest of 2023 reborn and ready to move into a new version of yourself. 

Mantra, “I am completing a cycle and welcome a rebirth. ”


Hello Leo! Cancer season sees a shift from last season and the two before that, where the emphasis was on interpersonal relationship dynamics. It's all about your career and your material life this season. You will have the drive for it when the warrior planet Mars enters pragmatic Virgo in your second house of possessions on July 10. This is an ideal astrological alignment for getting ahead, making plans, and taking initiative.  If you are looking for new work, send out your CV or apply for a new position. This is also a favorable energy for getting things done around the house. Whether it’s drafting up a plan to renovate your bedroom or engaging in some home DIY, let the boost of initiative help to improve your surroundings.  

Mantra, “I am getting ahead in my material world. ”


Hi there Virgo! Last season was all about your career and some activation occurred around June 11 to help you along your way. As you move into the summer months watch how it all evolves into productivity and abundance. Look out for July 10, when the warrior planet Mars enters your sign giving you a boost of confidence and helping you to push towards the opportunities that are being presented to you. This could also come in the form of pushing boldly ahead with launching a business, setting up a website, career networking, joining a course, or setting up meetings with potential collaborators. Keep on going. You are creating something lucrative and if you trust the process and keep your eyes on the prize, you will be seeing the fruits of your labor by the end of 2023. 

Mantra, “I am pushing forward with my goals.”

Cancer season 2023: View of the planet Mercury and Sun from space. Mercury - solar system planet.

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Hi there Libra! Welcome to Cancer season 2023. There is a shift away from the themes of love and relationships of last season into all things social status and career. A perfect time to embrace this shift is during the New Moon in Cancer on July 18 when it moves into your tenth house of social status. Setting intentions on a New Moon is a powerful time to manifest! Take some time on July 18 to create a powerful intention around all things social status and career and watch it activate into abundance. Create a ritual at home or join an online Moon Circle. These are exciting times Libra. You are the magic! 

Mantra, “I am setting intentions.”


Hey there Scorpio. Welcome to the watery Cancer season 2023. You are right at home here. You’ve been doing some deep inner transformations these past few seasons and your ruling planet Pluto is still moving retrograde up until October 10, which can be quite emotionally turbulent. Be mindful of the path of your emotions this season especially around July 10 when the fiery planet Mars enters nitpicky Virgo. It could have you a bit hot-headed and feeling up for an argument! Pay attention to your emotional triggers because there is something wounded in your unconscious that has been poked. If you are feeling the rage, don’t act out on it. Allow yourself to explore why you are feeling so angry and gently bring it to the surface to unpack. It’s still all about shadow work for you my fellow Scorpios. Keep going. You are transforming yourself! 

Mantra, “I am learning from my shadow.”


Hello Sagittarius. Hopefully, you are feeling less tied down this season and that the guidance of last season helped you to step into a new chapter. Cancer season looks to be a productive chapter for you and the potential of seeing some of your intentions manifest into reality! Look out for July 3 when there is a Full Moon rising in hardworking Capricorn in your second house of possessions. This could be a positive day for you around anything, career or material. Also, let the full moon complete a cycle for you and lean into some self-care practices around closure, catharsis, and release. Something in your life could be coming to a point of letting go and the Full Moon on July 3 is the perfect time to do this.

Mantra, “I am letting go of an old chapter and stepping into the new.”


Hey there Capricorn. Welcome to Cancer season 2023, where the waters run deep. Last season there was guidance around releasing destructive behavior from your life. The theme continues this season as Pluto, the planet of the unconscious, continues to move retrograde through your sign. There is a restructuring going on in the zone of your shadow. In Jungian psychology, the shadow represents the wounded aspect of ourselves that we keep repressed deep in our unconscious. This retrograde helps pull it into the light to heal. Use the power of the Full Moon in your sign on July 3 to do some powerful self care, release, healing and letting go. Especially around those destructive behaviours or habits that are holding you back from being the happiest version of yourself. Keep going Capricorn! 

Mantra, “I am healing my shadow.”


Hi Aquarius! The theme of transformation has been key for the past few seasons. As a result, these unfolding summer months have sparked new energy within you. For some of you Aquarians it has inspired you to revolutionize your life concerning your mind, body, and spirit. Taking your mental health and physical health more seriously could be part of this new territory. Finding ways to nurture yourself through self-help, exercise, nutrition, and spiritual pursuits. Use the New Moon in Cancer on July 17 to engage in setting an intention towards fuelling the vision you have for yourself in the future and watch it manifest into an exciting new universe for yourself by the end of 2023.  

Mantra, “I am stepping into my exciting future.”


Hello  Pisces! There was a focus last season on transforming your interpersonal relationships with the planet of the unconscious, Pluto moving retrograde in Capricorn in your eleventh house of friendship. This theme still prevails this season with an added emphasis on healthy boundaries. When Mercury, the planet of communication enters Leo on July 11, you may feel a shift in confidence around asserting healthy boundaries around relationships that are challenging. This may feel emotionally painful but could be a necessary restructuring, especially around any toxic relationships. Do the necessary self-care practices to help nurture yourself in the process:  surround yourself with supportive friends, journal, meditate and practice staying in the present moment. The falling away of certain relationships need to happen for your soul to evolve. This paves the way for more aligned people to move into your sphere. Remember, love abounds and there is plenty to go around. 

Mantra, “I am creating healthy boundaries”

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