The New Moon June 2023 in Gemini is kicking off the summer with thrilling spontaneity

The New Moon June 2023 is a charming and creative one, and it's begging you to lean into your curiosities – especially for these signs

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The New Moon in June 2023 is just what you need to get the summer going. If you’ve been feeling flirtier and friskier lately, you’re likely under the sway of Gemini season, the time of the year when the astrology lines up with our need to socialize, converse, and connect with friends, new and old alike. 

With Gemini being symbolic of 'The Twins,' there is always a dual nature to this sign – and that is certainly how this New Moon in Gemini is manifesting this month. This is because the sky aligns to give us double the opportunities but also could have us second-guessing our instincts. Hello Gemini season 2023 am I right?

The New Moon in Gemini will join up with the Sun, forming a potent New Moon in the sky that’s filled with potential for auspicious new beginnings and fresh starts. But with the New Moon June 2023 forming an almost exact square with foggy Neptune, we could see feelings of doubt and discomfort creep into what otherwise could be a clear and clarifying path forward. Thus, your need for change could inspire you with new and creative ideas that are quickly met with questions from yourself or others about the probabilities or potential pitfalls. 

Your cosmically-aligned wisdom is to avoid falling into negative thinking or feedback loops – instead, remember that a New Moon is never time for answers. It’s a time to take a leap of faith. It’s an invitation to trust yourself and the Universe. Lean into where your mind is taking you – and follow your curiosities to their natural conclusion. You won’t miss what is meant for you – unless you never try to go after it.

When is the New Moon June 2023?

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On June 18, 2023, at 12:36 AM EST, the Moon in Gemini will join up with the Sun, forming a potent New Moon in the sky - with an almost exact square with foggy Neptune.

The difference between a New Moon and Full Moon is that New Moons are prime times for manifesting so mark your calendars for putting extra intention into making your wildest dreams come true.

For the most accurate reading of how the New Moon June 2023 will affect you depending on your zodiac sign, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

New Moon June 2023 horoscope

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Your mind is absolutely buzzing with new ideas during the New Moon 2023 in your third house of communication – which will likely match up with the sheer volume of notifications and messages piling up on your phone. You’re something like the belle of the ball during this lunation, Aries, and you will be busy. Instead of being overwhelmed by it all, go where your curiosity takes you. Answer the call – perhaps even literally – of where your heart leads you and notice who or what you want to respond to. Pay attention to where your mind wanders as it will show you the way to your new path forward. 


You’ve had your eye on something, Taurus – and the New Moon June 2023 in your second house of income will likely have you wanting to indulge that urge to splurge. This lunation has “add to cart” energy all over it for you and your job during it is to dig into what you’re gravitating to buy – and then ask yourself why. Stay curious about your desires. It’s not about shaming yourself for them but unpacking what you’re longing for. The more you question your motives, the closer you’ll get to discovering what it is you truly want. And sometimes it’s just that “thing” – and maybe that’s okay.


That dazzling wit of yours that charms everyone you meet? Direct it towards getting even better acquainted with the most fascinating person in your life - yourself. The New Moon June 2023 in your first house of the personal self is inviting you to stay curious about who you are, what you like, and what you want to be. Know that you have not met everyone you’re going to love in this life – not yet. Realize that you don’t already know everything you have yet to learn in this life – not by a long shot. You don’t have to have all the answers – you never did. You only need to keep asking the questions and doing the work.


You’re being invited to listen to yourself – and trust what your gut instincts are telling you despite whatever competing voices from your inner critic may be sounding off. With the New Moon June 2023 in your twelfth house of the subconscious, think about all the ways you can be better kinder to yourself – and therefore a better friend to yourself as well. When your friends turn to you for advice, they do so because of the gentle support and open-minded approach you offer. They do so because you’re compassionate. But are you that way with your own perceived faults and failures? This lunation is asking you to quiet the voices that hold you back from seeing yourself as the divine being everyone else adores.


With this New Moon lighting up your eleventh house of groups and networks, be prepared for some exciting new updates in your social circle. And Leo, you’re being invited to go along for the ride. It’s also your cosmic reminder that if there is one constant, it’s that change is inevitable. So instead of resisting it, lean into it. Now is the time to get and stay curious about new possibilities that may be bubbling up. Just because you’ve always done something a certain way or with a certain someone doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a new person or approach into the dynamic. And the energy suggests not only that you can do this, but that you probably should.


You’re at a turning point in your career, Virgo. You just may not know it yet. With this New Moon activating your tenth house of vocation, you’re being invited to consider all the ways you’re ready to take the next step – but could be holding yourself back. It could be a fear of failure or a fear of change, but at this moment, the stars are aligning to bring you new opportunities to do more of what you love. To do more of what feeds your flame of creativity and curiosity. Go where your heart tells you and trust the process that you’ll get there safely.


Where is your curiosity leading you? Where is your sense of adventure pulling you, Libra? The New Moon June 2023 is in your ninth house of travel and wisdom and is calling on you to listen to your instincts when it comes to where you want to grow and explore. Is there a wanderlust urge stirring in your soul? Have you wanted to embark on a new course of study? Right now, it is the time to speak your mind – and your will into existence. There are auspicious new beginnings taking root in how you see the world and your place in it – so don’t hold back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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You’re a deep and intellectual person, Scorpio. You have a probing mind and with this New Moon in your eighth house of secrets and intimacy, you’re being invited to reframe how you relate to others. Most importantly, you're also being invited to reframe how you relate to yourself. Being vulnerable is never easy, but it’s always worth it. This New Moon is about asking other people questions – and listening carefully for the answers, without judgment. And it’s always about answering these same hard-hitting questions yourself. It’s not exposing yourself – it’s revealing who you are and what you desire. Your needs are valid – you just have to know what they are.


Right when you think you know everything there is to know about love and romance, a New Moon in your seventh house of partnerships comes in to show you that there’s so much left to learn. It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern – there even can be comfort in that repetitive rhythm. But as a Sagittarius, not only do you have spontaneous fire sign energy infused in your core, but you also know deep down that relationships are meant to push you, to help you grow. This lunation is a reminder to seek out dynamics – not necessarily new partners, but it could be – that allow you to change your mind and most importantly, your heart.


Put spontaneity at the top of your to-do list, Capricorn. It may be the only way you ensure you listen to what the stars have in store for you as you embark upon this new chapter in your daily life. With a New Moon activating your sixth house of routines, it’s a time to restructure your habits in a way that sparks more joy – and curiosity. There is wonder to be found in even the most mundane of tasks if you allow yourself to see it. Remember that you’re a notoriously responsible sign. Of course, you’ll get done what needs to be – so think of fun as something that also needs to be your responsibility to yourself.


Lucky you, Aquarius. The New Moon June 2023 is in your fifth house of pleasure and is presenting you with a plethora of possibilities – the hardest part may be choosing which one you pursue. This lunation is all about expansion for you – you may be visited by the proverbial muses who shower you with creative genius and innovative new ideas or solutions you hadn’t considered. You could be charmed by paramours – and if you’re looking to start a family, you could be blessed with a baby. Grab at what feels most aligned – the choice is yours.


There are big changes coming in your home life, Pisces. If you’ve been looking to move or get a change of scenery, the New Moon June 2023 is in your fourth house of home and family couldn’t be coming at a more opportune time. Real estate ventures are blessed with an extra bit of luck during this time. You could also find that your relationships with family members are undergoing a change – one that could help you relate to them with more ease in the future. Plant those seeds now and watch what grows for you in this next chapter.

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