New Wordle spin-off 'Who Are Ya?' is one of the trickiest games yet but we're already hooked

A new Wordle alternative 'Who Are Ya?' is one of the most challenging Wordle spin-offs yet that combines critical thinking and celebrities

Who are ya
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The new Wordle spin-off has already captured the attention of fans as it combines critical thinking with celebrity knowledge and challenges fans to work out who the celebrity in the blurry photo is.

Who Are Ya? is the new Wordle alternative that is perfect for fans who are obsessed with Wordle and are looking for something a little more challenging.

The game combines Guess Who with Wordle and challenges players to work out which celebrity photograph is appearing on site.

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How to play 'Who Are Ya'

Unlike Wordle, players have eight tries in 'Who Are Ya', rather than the six tries given to Wordle players. The player is given a blurry image and must guess who this well-known person is.

The celebrity can come from any walk of life and maybe a sportsperson, singer, actor, or a number of other different things. After each guess, the image becomes less blurred and there is also information given after each guess that can help you solve the challenge. 

After guessing, information is placed in bubbles, and players are told if some of their guesses are correct. For example, if the correct answer was David Beckham, but you guessed Benedict Cumberbatch, the only yellow tiles would be for gender and nationality as Benedict and David are both English and male. 

When it comes to their job, the tile would appear grey as Benedict is an actor, whereas David Beckham is a former footballer. There are also hints provided as the game lets you know whether your celebrity is older or younger than the person you guessed, plus you find out if they are worth more or less than your guess. 

This means that if you guessed Benedict Cumberbatch you would see an arrow pointing upwards when it comes to age and net worth as David Beckham is older and richer than the actor.

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The game also has an entire sports dedicated section. So for fans of football, cricket, or basketball, there are games that are just for guessing who the player in each image is. This is the perfect combination for players who love Wordle and sports as it allows them to combine two of their favorite hobbies.

If this game doesn't quite take your fancy, there is also Heardle for music fans, Foodle for foodies, and Moviedle for film fans.

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