Is there another storm coming? What's next after Storm Eunice and Franklin?

After the UK has been thrashed by Storm Eunice and Storm Franklin, many of us are wondering is there another storm coming?

Is there another storm coming
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After the UK has been ravaged by storms this week, many are wondering, is there is another storm coming?

Storm Dudley hit last week and over the weekend many Britons suffered as Storm Eunice and Storm Franklin knocked down trees and destroyed many properties across the UK.

While some areas were not too badly affected by the storm, other parts of the country were left without electricity and power. Understandably people across the UK are concerned about what will happen next and if there is another storm on the way. So here is everything you need to know about the weather in the UK over the next few days.

Is another storm coming?

The Met Office announced, "Following #StormFranklin we're expecting an unsettled week ahead with more wet and windy weather at times this week."

Andy Page, a Met Office Chief Meteorologist, said that although Storm Franklin will clear this week, people in the UK can still expect some rainy weather over the next few days.

“A strong jet stream is driving weather systems across the North Atlantic with a succession of weather fronts moving into the UK bringing more wet and windy weather at times this week," said Andy.

However, it's not all bad news! The meteorologist revealed that sunny skies may be on the horizon over the next few days.

“As Storm Franklin clears the UK and pushes into the near continent this afternoon the windy conditions will gradually ease and showers become fewer, leaving some dry, sunny weather for many.”

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When will Storm Franklin pass?

Storm Franklin will have fully passed through the UK by the end of Monday, February 21.

Satellite images showed that most of the storm will have cleared from the UK and Ireland from Monday afternoon. Meaning that people can expect slightly calmer weather on Monday evening and night.

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While there isn't another storm predicted in the UK, the wet and windy weather will have a lot of Britons reaching for their best waterproof jackets as travel may be difficult as the poor weather continues.

The windy weather over the next few days may mean that you have to learn how to stop the wind and rain from ruining your hair, but it shouldn't be anything compared to the Storm Franklin and Eunice over the weekend—phew!

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