7 Podcasts That Will Have You Hooked

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  • Why the world is obsessed with Serial - and 6 more podcasts you'll love

    Have you downloaded Serial yet? If you’re already addicted, then join the club. Earlier this week, Apple announced that Serial has become the fastest podcast ever to reach 5 million downloads – and with good reason.

    Presented by journalist Sarah Koenig, Serial is a true-crime documentary about an old murder case. In 1999, teenager Adnan Syed was imprisoned for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee – but there are some who have always maintained that he is innocent. Koenig unpicks the old case, re-examining evidence and interviewing friends, family and Syed, in an attempt to find out what really happened on that day and whether the right person went to prison.

    The podcast unfolds chapter by chapter as Koenig examines Syed’s alibi, the case against him, the circumstances of the murder and the statement of the main witness. It’s so addictive that you’ll find yourself counting down the days until the next episode is released (which happens every Thursday, by the way).

    If podcasts are new to you, then Serial might just show you what you’re missing. Click through for six more podcasts that you’ll love.

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