The retro tortoiseshell print is making a comeback, and these 9 pieces make it easy to add to your home

From lamp-shaped candles to diffusers, these tortoiseshell homeware pieces we're loving this autumn

A collage of three tortoiseshell homeware pieces.
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Tortoiseshell homeware is timeless, bold, and versatile. From cocktail glass sets to vases to glass baubles, we've rounded up the best chic home pieces made in the classic warm and brown animal pattern.

The vintage tortoiseshell print is back and is a warm, cosy and chic interior design trend we're loving this autumn. And according to Addison Ross Co-founder Sarah Ross, it's a pattern that can look elegant in many forms. "Whether you opt for a tortoiseshell tray to house your precious whiskies or use it as a coffee table addition to display books and candles, a tortoiseshell piece adds a sophisticated touch to any space, in my opinion."

To help you save time and give you a head start on your virtual shopping spree, I've curated a list of swoon-worthy tortoiseshell home pieces, from a tortoiseshell-printed autumn candle to a hand-blown glass lamp.

Tortoiseshell homeware pieces - our shopping writers' top picks

Ways to incorporate tortoiseshell patterns in your home

According to Ross, there are many ways you can incorporate tortoiseshell print in a space. And the animal pattern doesn't discriminate in the style of your home. 

"What I love about Tortoiseshell is that it can work in a modern or traditional home," Ross says. "It feels timeless and luxurious and is neither masculine nor feminine. I love to mix it with rich cherry red candlesticks or even a pop of orange, but for those less daring with colours, it always looks chic with beige and black tones. The ripply smoothness of lacquered tortoiseshell pieces combines well with both rich velvets and breathable linens. I actually find it quite hard to find textures that clash. It's that versatile!"

Addison Ross
Sarah Ross

Sarah Ross is the Co-Founder along with her husband David of the Luxury Homeware brand, Addison Ross. Addison Ross is a family-owned company, with a worldwide presence specialising in luxury décor and gift collections. 

Ross shares how building a tortoiseshell tabletop is fun, and regardless of whether you're style is minimal or bold, the pattern fits both. "You could have a minimal touch of it with candlesticks, or you could really go for it with the use of placemats, trays, candlesticks and pepper grinders" Ross says. "It layers really nicely and can be paired with fun colours within a tablescape through the use of pretty napkins and flowers. You can have fun with it and see what works best in your home."

"This alternative animal print is perfect for glass accessories to add a layer of intrigue to any decor," says w&h's Lifestyle Editor Tamara Kelly. "The mottled effect is just the right opacity to decorate surfaces with pattern and welcome a warm amber glow. I adore the cocktail set by Oka, it feels like the perfect way to add a touch of fun when entertaining at home. The combination of on-trend tortoiseshell and elegant copper make it feel fresh out of a private members bar."

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