How to embrace the 'tenniscore' trend in your interiors: 5 ways to serve the sportsluxe look

Tenniscore is winning on and off the court – here's how to try the sporty-chic microtrend at home

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The blockbuster film 'Challengers' and the approach of Wimbledon have come together to spark a huge rise in searches for 'tenniscore'. In the world of fashion and beauty, this trend looks like white pleated skirts, visors, and slicked-back plaited ponytails. 

It's no surprise, then, that the tennis court aesthetic is also becoming a big interior design trend, as we seek ways to bring this coveted, sporty look to our coffee tables and dining spaces. 

Tenniscore gives 'quiet luxury' a sporty, preppy twist, with plenty of summer colours, and a traditional British feel. For example, fresh tennis whites, citrus yellows, lime greens and royal purples all conjure up centre court at Wimbledon.

We have turned to interior experts to find the best ways to serve this traditional sportsluxe look at home. Think vintage sports equipment and graphic black and white patterns, freshly cut blooms and carefree days with a glass of Pimm's.

5 ways to serve the 'tenniscore' trend

Like the glorious game itself, this trend is all about having fun. Here are five ways to embrace the tenniscore aesthetic, giving your home more personality and a little tennis-inspired makeover.

1. Embrace tennis-inspired decor

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There are lots of quick and easy ways to bring the tenniscore aesthetic into your home without any commitment. These are great if you simply want to update your living room on a budget or are hosting friends over the tennis season and want to decorate your dining space or living room in a nod to Wimbledon. 

For instance, you could cover the dining table with a crisp white linen tablecloth, display cut hydrangeas in a vase, and add an embroidered hand towel in the bathroom. Small statues and trophies on shelves can also add to the look. 

Interior designer Alice Moszczynski from Planner 5D shares some great ideas: "I’d incorporate elements like vintage tennis racquets, balls in glass jars, and framed tennis-themed artwork. I’d also use any abstract interpretations of tennis motifs, like bold line work in the right colours." 

Below, we have rounded up some graphic, tennis-themed artwork, which can easily be switched out or moved at a later date – the ball is in your court.

Alice Moszczynski
Alice Moszczynski

Alice Moszczynski is an interior designer at Planner 5D, where she creates transformative spaces for her clients. Alice has worked under acclaimed architects and designers and holds a degree in interior architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and is NCIDQ certified.

2. Combine green, white and lavender

pale purple and green walls with bench seat and plant

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Nothing says Wimbledon like green, white and purple. We would also argue that white and green are some of the best living room paint colours for creating a comfortable and relaxing space. Add in a dusky lavender and you can create a really calming and serene atmosphere, says Michael Rolland, paint expert and managing director at The Paint Shed

Michael suggests contrasting whites and greens against each other for a tennis-inspired makeover, for example, a creamy white wall with a dark green elegant skirting board and door frame. 

"While lime green, the typical tennis ball colour, can be difficult to use in the home, darker, richer greens like malachite or pine greens can offer a more sophisticated take on the 'tenniscore' trend.”

3. Layer natural textures on a neutral base

neutral living room with sofa and rattan lamp

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Don't think you can't still embrace the calm of 'minimaluxe' quiet luxury-inspired trend. Go for a fresh and airy foundation of whites, neutrals, and woods, layering on natural textures and materials. 

"Think about adding touches of texture with materials like wicker or rattan, echoing the feel of traditional tennis equipment," advises Alice Moszczynski.

"For paint colours, consider crisp whites for walls to emulate tennis court lines, and add accents with pops of bright yellow for a sunny, sporty vibe," Alice adds.

Michael Rolland agrees that a refined, neutral colour palette is key to creating a country club feel, and suggests using classic neutrals that convey understated elegance, such as Farrow & Ball’s Stirabout or Little Greene’s Julie’s Dream. These soft neutrals create a timeless and luxurious impression.

4. Add royal sophistication with purple

purple sofa under window with green walls

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From blackcurrant to magenta, a touch of purple can add a luxurious and regal feel to your interior, connecting to Wimbledon's royal history. You might choose to add purple through a couple of throw cushions, a rug, or one of the latest interior paint colour trends

“Wimbledon’s purple is iconic and is a gorgeous colour to use in the home. It can often be an intimidating colour choice, however, it’s a very versatile shade," says paint expert Michael Rolland. 

"For a more dramatic look, opt for darker purples like aubergine as an accent wall in a living space or in an entryway to create a bold statement," Michael says you can always start with smaller accents and accessories and build your confidence from there.

5. Don't overdecorate

green living room with white woodwork and red armchair

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The 'tenniscore' aesthetic has plenty of clean lines and a sleek, minimalist edge. So while bringing in fun decorative pieces that tell a story, try to avoid having too much on show all at once. It's not a maximalist style, but more pared-back and breezy. 

Having some negative space between decor pieces on shelves and tables means items can have their moment to shine. To help clear some space, you can read our guide on decluttering living rooms so that you are left with items you use, need and truly love.


Where did tenniscore come from?

Luxury fashion brands have incorporated 'tenniscore' into their collections for years, but interest in sportswear and tennis itself is on the rise. If you're interested in adding some tennis-inspired pieces to your wardrobe, you can read our round-up of the best Wimbledon looks we have ever seen, or browse our guide to the best summer dresses.

According to Etsy, athletic aesthetics are winning over shoppers left right and centre, as sports fandom and the rise of hobby sports – like pickleball, tennis and golf – are colliding to elevate sportswear to the forefront of fashion and beyond. "From classic retro jerseys to personalised gear and sports-themed posters and prints, the stage is officially set for a summer filled with global games excitement," says Etsy.

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