Crown adds 9 new on-trend colours to its best-selling 'Easyclean' range

This new paint collection means no more 'compromising on stunning colours when seeking practicality'

compilation image of three rooms showing new Crown easyclean colours
(Image credit: Crown)

Choosing the right paint colour for any room is never an easy task. Especially when trying to select a suitable shade that proves practical when faced with the realities of everyday wear and tear. But that's where the staying power of these new Crown Easyclean colours can save the day.

Catering to the demands of on-trend interior paint colours and practicalities Crown has increased its range of 'Easyclean' paint colours by welcoming nine new popular shades to the colour chart.

Who says practical has to be dull? In addition to the timeless neutral palette, there is now a range of bold and bright hues to give homes more personality while still ticking all the boxes for practicality.

New launch: 9 on-trend Crown Easyclean colours

Introducing a selection of the most-loved shades from Crown’s wider colour palette, the new additions to the durable paint range mean those seeking an ultimate long-lasting finish don’t have to compromise on style.

“The addition of these new colours to the Easyclean range ensures that people don’t have to compromise on stunning colours when seeking practicality," says Kathryn Tormay, head of product at Crown. 

"Easyclean has always been a popular choice for busy homes, and these new colours allow people to combine its toughness and durability with our trending shades.” 

compilation of three new Crown easyclean colours. including pee-a-boo Blue, Endeavour and Picnic blanket

New Crown Easyclean colours: Peek-a-boo Blue, Endeavour and Picnic Basket

(Image credit: Crown)

The paint finish is of such huge significance, not only does the finish dictate how it looks on the walls but it will determine how durable the colour is. However, this is often an afterthought when it comes to choosing paint, but why? Surely this should be the first thought.

This specially formulated paint has been designed for unbeatable stain and scrub resistance, toughness and washability to help homeowners keep their walls on-trend and looking pristine. If spills or scuffs occur the walls can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.

The Easyclean paint range is designed for the busiest rooms in our homes such as high-traffic areas like hallways and landings, as well as special formulations for kitchens and bathrooms.

The beauty of this paint range is that there's no compromising on colour choice and practical appeal...

EasyClean's new timeless colours

EasyClean's new trending colours

EasyClean's new bold colours

The update to the paint range will also see the introduction of 5-litre packs for some of the best-selling Easyclean colours like Snowfall and Antique Cream, making bigger projects such as full room transformations more convenient. Snowfall is the modern-day colour choice for decorating with magnolia to encapsulate the quiet luxury trend in any room.

I've learnt the hard way with a finish that wasn't right when I chose a famously matt paint finish for my kitchen wall. It's only the end wall that acts like an accent wall of colour, so it's not a splashback or anywhere near where I cook so I didn't give it much consideration that it would be ideal if it was wipeable.

However, it is near the bin and I've come to realise just how much mess is made when I empty the coffee machine apparatus – please say I'm not the only one?! I repeatedly have tiny splashes of coffee down the wall that I need to wipe off. Not ideal with a paint finish that doesn't do well with a wet sponge.

EasyClean is the way forward for my next kitchen decorating project – even better now it's available in Rhubard Rose because it's pretty much the same shade i have now.

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