Luxury paint brand Mylands launches a new more affordable range made entirely from upcycled paint

Looking for more sustainable ways to decorate your home? Look no further than Myland's newest upcycled plant collection which features 20 of their best-selling colours

composite of three colourful rooms with the Mylands upcycled paint shades featured in each one
(Image credit: Mylands)

Looking to complete a decorating project by refreshing a room with a splash of colour, why not make it sustainable and eco-friendly with one of the new Mylands upcycled paints?

Whether you're up to date with the interior paint colour trends or not, the process of choosing a paint colour can be surprisingly wasteful. With returned paints, unused samples and discontinued colours to take into consideration, there's a lot of wasted paint that gets simply discarded.

One luxury paint brand has decided to remedy this. With a step towards a more sustainable way of redecorating, this collection will have you ready to make your living room look expensive on a budget without any guilt. 

New release: Mylands Upcycled paint collection 

The collection, which features the exact pink used on the set of the Barbie film, is a high-quality matt finish paint that's designed for interior walls and ceilings. So if you're looking to incorporate a little sustainable dopamine decor into your life, colour FTT 006 is the one for you. 

All the upcycled paint, available to purchase now from Mylands' site, is composed entirely of a blend of Mylands' highest quality decorative paint products that are all manufactured in the company's south London factory. 

The brand has continued to prioritise sustainability and innovation with several of its launches, which is why it developed this plant-based formula which has a smooth finish and comes in Mylands' signature Marble Matt finish. 

composite of different paint swatches form the mylands upcycled paint collection

These are just a few of the available colours that will be available in Mylands' new upcycled collection. (From top to bottom: FTT-006, Cornice-No.65, Enamel Blue, Bloomsbury No. 267, Wharf Sacking, Greenstone, Ionic-No.87, Covent Garden, Maritime) 

(Image credit: Mylands)

Whether you're looking to update your living room or enliven your bedroom walls, there are around 20 bestselling colours to choose from in this first launch. 

The colour options will continue to be reactively chosen depending on the shades that are returned and upcycled.

Due to this rather unique stock cycle, some of the shades available now might not be restocked again so Mylands stresses the importance of ensuring you have enough paint to complete whatever project you're working on – for example, don't try painting over wallpaper or attempt to make a small kitchen look bigger with paint unless you have enough colour coverage.

The paints themselves are made from several different sources: returned orders, sample colours and leftovers from making a colour batch. There is, however, one constant and that is the quality of the paints which will always be up to Mylands incredibly high standards. 

picture of kitchen counters with a deep blue colour

(Image credit: Mylands)

Priced at £28 for 2.5 litres of paint, this upcycled collection is a budget-friendly choice that's certainly worth it for not only the quality finish but also eco-friendliness. Compare that to the Olive Stone Emulsion priced at £83 for 2.5 litres or the Marble Matt Emulsion at £64.50 for 2.5 litres in the same colour.

 The paints are all made with a low VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds) which means they're practically solvent-free and safe for yourself and the environment. 

With both bright colours and timeless neutrals available this collection is great if you are looking for the best white paint colours or want to colour drench your home in 'Peach Fuzz' Pantone's colour of the Year 2024

Whether you're on the hunt for the best colour for ceilings or simply want to make a room look bigger with paint and brighter with a fresh new shade, choosing a brand with eco-friendly options like Mylands is a great way of transforming your space whilst being sustainable. 

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