The sleepwear trick that will help you look younger...

Revitalise your wardrobe and skin with the biggest trend for 2021

woman on bed asleep
(Image credit: Tara Moore/Getty Images)

2020 didn’t give us much opportunity to go out, so retailers seemed to be focusing on selling products that we can wear inside: sleepwear. 

And its not just pyjamas and eye masks, items like silk scrunchies and silk pillowcases are becoming more readily available in shops. 

More recently, entire companies have popped up that focus entirely on selling silk goods. 

Small independent companies like Ritudoze  exclusively sell high quality silk products. This includes sleep masks, pillowcases and scrunchies. 

Major retailers have also followed suit with this trend. Zara, who recently launched a sleepwear department,  also introduced a line of silk products that includes mulberry silk eye masks and pyjamas. They have also introduced satin products that have that same silk look without the expensive price tag.

Why has silk become so trendy?

There are some reported health benefits to silk that could be encouraging the use of this fabric in everyday items.

High quality silk has moisturising properties, so sleeping on silk pillowcases or using silk hair accessories can lead to less hair breakage and encourage hair health. These moisturising properties can also have an anti-aging effect, maintaining the skin’s moisture can reduce wrinkles and encourage a youthful appearance. 

Silk pyjamas can also help the body to regulate its own temperature. Silk fibers are hollow and made of protein, so can purportedly help your body temperature naturally adjust to both hot and cold weather. This is particularly helpful for those of us who are going through the menopause and are experiencing hot flushes. 

Zara silk pajamas

(Image credit: Zara Clothing)

Silk is also a hypoallergenic fabric, so those with sensitive skin will have a more gentle experience with this soft fabric when compared to harsher or rougher fabrics like linen or cotton are often used by manufacturers in sleepwear.

Silk is an animal by-product, so there are a lot of companies that make sure to stress the ethical nature of their business. The Ethical Silk Company prioritises the welfare of their workers and animals from which they source their products. They sell a variety of different silk items, including silk face masks to protect you from COVID-19 and from acne breakouts. 

As it looks like we’ll be staying inside for a while,  it is probably a good idea to invest in some products that can improve your wellbeing- if we have to stay inside we may as well do it in style!