What is the tabletop sex position? Plus, how to do this standing move right

Here, a sex and relationship expert explains how to do the tabletop sex position and all the benefits to be had

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The tabletop sex position is a great way to get out of the sheets and explore sex in other rooms, like the dining room, kitchen, or living room. Anywhere there's a table, you can reap the benefits of this intense move.

As a standing sex position, the tabletop is best suited for those who don't mind a little athleticism in the bedroom. In this move, the penetrating partner will be doing most of the work while the partner on the bottom may have to cope with a slightly uncomfortable surface underneath them. Although, if you're prepared to spend the time to make it work, it's all worth it. 

The tabletop sex position is similar to the butterfly sex position in many ways, so if you loved that one, we're sure you'll like this one just as much. Whether you're looking to explore new sex positions with your partner or want a new variation on the butterfly, we have you covered. This is what certified sex and relationship expert has to say about the tabletop, its benefits, and how to do it right. 

What is the tabletop sex position? 

The tabletop is a great standing sex position, says Charlotte Johnson, a sex expert and specialist in psychosexual therapy. "This move involves one partner lying don or sitting on a tabletop, or any flat surface, at hip height. The other partner penetrates by standing in front of them and leaning over ever so slightly," she says. 

"The standing partner will be doing most of the work by thrusting against their partner," notes Johnson, who works with MegaPleasure. "For even further pleasure I would suggest using toys or hands for clitoral stimulation."

The partner on the bottom can either stretch their legs up to their partner's shoulders or keep them spread on either side of their partner's hips.

Illustration of the tabletop sex position

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While lube is an important addition in any sex position, it's advisable for the tabletop sex position. "Using [one of the best lubes] can reduce friction, which will prevent any discomfort, irritation, and even minor injuries such as chafing," says the expert. "Lubricants can also add excitement and variety to sexual play. There are flavoured lubes for oral sex, warming or cooling lubes for added sensation, and different textures and consistencies to explore." 

"Adding to this, if you do choose to use any toys during this position, lubricant can help improve comfort and prevent damage to the toys used. Water-based lubes are generally safe for use with most sex toy materials." 

What are the benefits of the tabletop sex position?

1. Adds variety to your sex life

If you've not tried any standing sex positions before, the tabletop is a great one to try and get used to the idea. Plus, if you're not used to taking intimacy out of the bedroom, it could really help to spice things up in the bedroom. 

"Changing up and trying new sex positions with your partner can add variety to your sex life, helping to enhance your experience and create more excitement between the both of you," says Johnson. 

2. The tabletop sex position offers deeper penetration

The downward angle of the penetrating partner into the receiving means this position is great for deeper penetration, which is ideal for those who love enhanced G-spot stimulation during sex. 

"Particularly for the receiver, as the female G-spot is on the anterior wall of the vagina, which will most definitely be met during the downward tabletop position," says Johnson. 

3. Offers a chance for clitoral play

But G-spot penetration isn't the only style of stimulation available on the menu with the tabletop sex position. "This move entails both partners facing each other, not only does this allow more kissing and touching but also easy access for clitoral play," says the sex expert. "This is accessible for both partners to reach and therefore an enhanced sexual experience."

As noted, you can do this manually or with your best vibrator - a bullet or clitoral stimulator would work best if you're looking to pick up a new toy for the occasion. 

How to make the tabletop sex position even better

If you find a hard tabletop too difficult to work with in the tabletop sex position, there's nothing wrong with going back to basics. "There are a few varieties for couples who wish to practice this position, one of them is the same move but on a bed for a softer surface underneath," says Johnson. "This can be a lot more comfortable for the partner lying down and therefore the couple can last much longer."  

Another way to make this sex position easier is to take it slow. "Rushing into sex can lead to discomfort and pain," says Johnson, so while it might be tempting to get right down to it in the heat of the moment, try to go about things a little slower. 

"By taking your time and gradually transitioning between positions to allow your body to adjust creates an overall pleasant experience," she adds. 

You could also add some pillows or cushions to support the body and maintain a comfortable position. "These props can help relieve strain on muscles and joints." 

Mega Pleasure's resident sex expert Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte Johnson

A keen advocate for sexual health and pleasure, Charlotte Johnson is passionate about getting people talking about sex. She believes that everyone deserves to feel confident in their own body, in their relationship and with their sexuality. Having originally trained in psychosexual therapy, Charlotte’s focus swiftly became on individual and couples’ pleasure, and she now spends her time writing extensive guides and articles for Mega Pleasure. Her qualifications include: Psychosexual Therapy, MSc at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) with COSRT accreditation.

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