What is the motorcycle sex position? Plus, benefits of this low-impact move

A sexologist explains all there is to know about the motorcycle sex position so you can get the most out of it

Man lying on top of woman in bed, kissing, representing the motorcycle sex position
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The motorcycle sex position may not be one you've heard of before. While the inventor of the move is unknown, the benefits are certainly understood by the millions of couples who love this move - whether they know it or not. 

This move gets its name from the positioning of the couple, with the penetrating partner sitting down and leaning over their partner as a rider might do over their motorbike. Sure, you need to get a little creative to see the picture but it certainly works wonders.

While you won't find the motorcycle in the Kama Sutra or any of the best sex books, it's undoubtedly one of the best sex positions out there for those who enjoy dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation without any pressure on the body. Simple to do and pleasurable, what more could you want? Here, a sexologist explains exactly what the motorcycle sex position is and how to do it right. 

What is the motorcycle sex position?

The motorcycle sex position requires one partner to sit on a chair or kneel on a flat surface with the other partner straddling them and lying back. It's a position that requires a lot of support from the bottom partner, says sexologist Ness Cooper, but it comes with plenty of benefits. "In this position, the partner on the bottom will need to support their partner's back with either their hands or a positioning strap. When exploring a sex position that requires leaning backward such as the motorcycle, this will provide much-needed relief to the lumbar spine."

Illustration of the motorcycle sex position

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As noted, the motorcycle is a position where the partner being penetrated is on top. Much like the cowgirl or face-off sex position, this means dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation - either manually or with one of the best sex toys - is the focus of the move. A win-win for those who require a little of both to have an orgasm.

Naturally, anyone can explore all the benefits of the motorcycle sex position. It's perfectly designed for all couples regardless of gender but especially suited to those who want something a little more low-impact in the bedroom. Both partners can sit or kneel and lie down however they are comfortable and the move still works wonders. 

"Sitting down on a chair can be a great way to explore on-top sex positions when you find placing your knees directly on a surface restrictive or uncomfortable," says Cooper, who is also the founder of The Sex Consultant. "It also allows the legs of both individuals in the position to assist more in the movement and add power to the partner's thrusts."

What are the benefits of the motorcycle sex position?

1. Prioritizes clitoral stimulation

The motorcycle sex position allows the person on top to explore clitoral stimulation for themselves a lot easier than closer moves like the closed missionary sex position, simply because there's more space for your hands or your best vibrator

"Either their partner or themselves can direct large wand vibrators, for example, on the area to enhance sensations and pleasure," says Cooper. "As it's a further away sex position, it might be harder for cock rings with clitoral stimulation bubs and vibes to hit the vulva area on the person on top though, as the body will be angled away from the sex toy."

2. Deeper G-spot stimulation

But for those who enjoy the deeper feeling of G-spot stimulation, the motorcycle is also a winner. "It allows for the individual on top who's being penetrated to gain more direct G-spot stimulation, which is amazing for those who enjoy this," the sexologist notes. 

To do this angle with a little more back support, switch it up and try the butterfly sex position or the reverse scoop sex position. Here, the partner being penetrated rests their back on a table while their partner stands.

3. Access to the erogenous zones

With the top partner lying backward, the bottom partner has full access to all the erogenous zones. These can include the nipples, hips, and thighs on the lower half of the body. 

"Once you both have confidence in your balance, you can take cheeky moments to go hands-free and give these areas some attention," she says.

4. Supportive of the lower back

The motorcycle could very easily be the best sex position with lower back pain, especially for those who find flexion (i.e. bending forward) to be most painful as it allows you to arch your back comfortably, supported by your partner's lower body. 

And as Cooper notes, you can change up the move to support the partner leaning backward's back as much as possible with the other partner's hands, a supportive strap, or a pillow tucked under their back toward the pelvis. "Using sex position furniture, such as a tantra sofa, can also be great for extra support," she adds. "The design of a sex position sofa can also curve up slightly to support the individual on top who's leaning back, offering them the perfect lumber support so that they can relax into the move."

How to improve the motorcycle sex position

Loving the motorcycle sex position but want to rev the engine a little more? Sexologist Cooper suggests turning up the intimacy by holding eye contact with your partner for as long as possible. "The position allows for more visuals, which can be great for those who enjoy watching their partner experience waves of pleasure and orgasm as they can watch their eyes and body react to the stimulation fully," she says. 

"Lying back in this position can allow for lustful and playful eye contact, which can help the release of hormones during erotic play," she continues. "Even while your bodies are further apart, you're still able to experience the fabulousness of all those feel-good bonding hormones such as oxytocin."

And of course, when it comes to making the motorcycle sex position cruise along a little better, a good splash of the best lube will go a long way. This is a position that you could be in for a while, given the right circumstances, so you'll ideally want a long-lasting lubricant. If you're using a condom or a silicone sex toy in this position, you should always opt for a water-based lube but if you're not, silicone could be the one for you.

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