How To Deal With Travel Delays

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  • Waiting… Waiting… Fuming! 
Airport delays are pretty much inevitable. Dealing with them is key to happier landings.

    Small Delays… 
”When our flight is delayed at the airport, it’s frustrating because we’d planned how things would work out and when it doesn’t we suffer,” says Simon Parke, author of One Minute Mindfulness (Hay House) “Of course we’d suffer less if we held our plans more lightly.

So what can we do when there’s another delay and we’re furious! Simon’s mindfulness moves might soothe your fury….

Don’t… Shout at someone in an effort to turn our inner pain outwards or try to zone out with a book or phone. Neither really deals with our frustration and while we ignore it will simply fester inside.

    Do… Face things. Instead of turning away from our anger, face it, acknowledge it and breathe into it.

*Ask yourself – why am I so angry at this delay? Am I reminded of feelings I’ve had before? Is there anything inside me apart from this feeling?

    By acknowledging and accepting thoughts and feelings – especially negative ones- their strength dissipates. They’re just passing thoughts… and they go.

    Big Delays… 
the threat of an overnighter in the airport needs extras added to your carry-on for overnight comfort and on-board assets. Expert Donna McSherry has her checklist…

    *A fleece travel blanket. To stay cosy in a draughty terminal or your designated seat. Believe us it will be better than anything on-board! We like Eaglecreek comfort travel blanket £21.95 with a cosy foot pocket!

*Sleep mask – unprepared travellers try to block out air terminal lights with sunglasses – it doesn’t work!

*Travel pillow – if your fleece blanket comes in a bag, stuff a jumper inside and use that. Or look smart with an inflatable one. We like the Ezysleep inflatable travel pillow, designed to prevent neck-ache. £19.99.

*Head-phones and music – to help drown airport noises and chatty co-passengers.

Check out Donna McSherry’s brilliant website full of useful info about terminals around the world and their facilities – good and bad! 

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