Healthy Foods That Boost Energy

Give your body and mind a boost with these delicious, all-natural energy foods

Life is busy. You’re tired. When you’re not at work, you’re working your way through the wash basket, getting the weekly shop in or changing the beds. With each and every hour accounted for, where, exactly, are you supposed to find the time to cook healthy foods that will keep you going and feeling full?

Few of us fail to succumb to the temptations of a sugary chocolate bar or caffeine-laden coffee when the post-lunch slump hits. But there is a healthier way to power your way through it. And there’s no need to spend your weekend slaving over a batch of homemade energy bars, we promise. Throw a handful of these healthy high-energy foods into your breakfast or lunchtime salad, or simply cram a couple in your handbag before you leave the house to forestall those chocolate cravings. Your mind, body and waistline will thank you for it.

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Apester Lazyload

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