New labels on Asda cooking oils highlight worrying health concern

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  • When we pop along to the supermarket for some cooking oils, it's usually because we need something to help us rustle up our dinner that night.

    But according to concerning new research from Asda, there are actually a lot of people who aren’t using cooking oils for the purpose for which they were created.

    The budget supermarket commissioned a study, revealing the worrying results that a fifth of people – 22% – use cooking oils such as vegetable or olive oil, to help them tan in the sun.

    In order to highlight the shocking results, and warn people against the harmful practise of using cooking oils to achieve a better tan, Asda have placed a health warning on their cooking oils – reading ‘Strictly not for tanning!’.

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    Even more worryingly, Asda’s research found that a third of those surveyed (34%) admitted to purposely avoiding suncream in order to tan faster, with a whopping 79% having suffered sunburn.

    Over a quarter of them (29%) also revealed that, worryingly, they weren’t bothered by being sunburnt.

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    A spokesperson from Asda commented on their findings, reiterating the point the cooking oils offer no protection to skin from the sun.

    They said, “We wanted to put these labels on our cooking oils, after our research found that so many Brits are using them to speed up their tan. Of course people should have fun this summer and embrace the sunshine, but we want them to be safe whilst doing so.

    “Cooking oils offer no protection against UV light, leaving individuals vulnerable to sun damage or much worse.”

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    Not protecting your skin against UV light can have serious repercussions on your health. The NHS states that repeated sunburn, the risk of which is increased by not using suncream, increases the risk of melanoma (skin cancer) in people of all ages.

    Protect your skin by seeking out the shade where possible, using the highest factor suncream you can find, and wearing protective clothing.

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