2020’s most enticing fitness trends to try

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  • If you’re trapped in a running rut or a find a session at the gym leaves you feeling glum rather than geared up, there's good news. A new decade means plenty of exciting offerings from the world of fitness to help press the refresh button on your existing exercise routine.

    So why not grab your high performance workout wear, fill up your eco water bottle and give one, or more, of the 5 fitness trends below a try?

    1. Immersive fitness experiences

    Want more from a fitness class than the chance to work up a little sweat and connect with like-minded people? Then immersive fitness could be just what you’re looking for! Sweat and Sound bills itself as a ‘multi-sensory, live music fitness experiences’. Intrigued? So are we. Simply sign up, wait for an email to land in your inbox and you’ll be sent the details of the secret location for the experience a minimum of 24 hours before the start date. Past events include a yoga experience based on sound alchemy and botanical healing transporting you to the pages of Paulo Coehlo’s seminal book, The Alchemist.

    2. Mental fitness apps

    Love a top-to-toe workout? Then what better place to start then your grey matter? Yep, just like our muscles our brains need regular flexing to stay in good working order and support our mental health. MyArkeo (which is currently still in development, but you can register on the site for updates) is a mental fitness tracking app that shows you how your habits and routines interact, through asking a series of daily questions and tracking mood, sleep, work hours, exercise and more. Initial testing of the app has thrown up the following positive results:

    • 61% said they’ve noticed patterns and trends in their mental fitness
    • 68% said they’re more in control of their mental fitness
    • 59% said they’ve been more open about their mental fitness

    3. Yoga rebooted

    Asthanga, Vinyasa, Bikram and more – there really is a style of yoga to suit every taste and ability. And the variations on this ancient discipline just keep on coming, with some very modern twists revealed by events platform Eventbrite. It’s research showed that the number of yoga events it lists around the globe has climbed by a whopping 1400% between 2014 and 2018 (3,000 vs 40,000). And this is only set to get bigger. There’s everything from Hip Hop Yoga to sleep yoga (or ‘Yoga Nidra’) listed to help you reach that perfectly zen state.

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    4. Virtual reality exercise

    Credit: Zwift

    Clocking up the kilometres on a treadmill is a great way to stay in shape. And while many feature in-built training programmes, sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to keep those trainers on the treadmill. With more than 1 million members the Zwift Run app (free for iOS) is a virtual reality inspired fitness platform designed to help runners across the globe maximise their indoor training experience. Create your own avatar and run through amazing virtual landscapes (see picture above), where you’ll be joined by fellow running enthusiasts from around the globe. You can also take part in group runs, fun races or follow one of the platform’s training programmes to help you prepare for anything from a 5k to a triathlon.

    5. Dedicated wellness spaces

    As well as helping to take care of our physical wellbeing gyms and studios are taking their commitment to wellness seriously and carving out dedicated spaces to support this. In 2020, David Lloyd clubs is trialling The Listening Space. Staffed by BACP qualified therapists and coaches who have been working with adults and teenagers for many years, the team is experienced in successfully helping people work through all types of life stresses, events and challenges. Luxury health club Third Space has also revealed that it’s new club in Islington, London – which is set to open in January 2020 – will feature Little Space, purpose built quiet rooms for families designed by yoga and meditation teacher Michael J Wong. Each of the quiet rooms are designed to maximise relaxation and offer two specific guided meditations to aid members in pre and post workout recovery and relaxation.

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