'Guest anxiety': Why Brits can only get a good night's sleep in their own bed

A detailed study has revealed millions of Brits can never get a good night’s sleep away from home, with a number of ‘guest anxieties’ leaving us restless and tired in the morning.

Sleeping on a terrible mattress, waking our hosts in the middle of the night, witnessing awkward arguments and waking up too early in the morning top the things that play heavy on our minds when away from home.

It means two in five Brits ‘dread’ staying away because they know they won't sleep as well as they would in their own bed.

Steve Reid, CEO of sleep tech company Simba, which commissioned the study to mark the launch of their new Hybrid Topper said, “A great stay with friends is a fragile thing, easily disrupted by the smallest thing like a failure of etiquette, or even a poor night’s sleep.

“Many of our anxieties regarding staying over with friends stem from worrying about sleeping arrangements, and it should be important to host’s that their guests sleep with comfort and support, to ensure they wake up on the right side.”

The poll of 2,000 adults also revealed that nearly half the nation are creatures of comfort, disliking staying overnight in places that aren’t home.

Twenty-eight per cent are worried they won’t get a good night’s sleep, and one in five fear they won’t have a proper bed to sleep in.

And 73 per cent have had a poor night’s sleep while staying in an uncomfortable guest bed.

In true British style though, 54 per cent of these have fibbed to their host and said they had a great night’s rest to avoid upsetting them.

Researchers also found 62 per cent of Brits have a room ready for when guests come to stay.

And two thirds have a proper bed for guests to stay in.

Though 21 per cent have had a guest make a joke about how uncomfortable the guest bed is to sleep in.

And 52 per cent think the type of sleep they get while staying away from their own bed is of lower quality.

In order to make the bed more comfortable, 16 per cent with a guest bed think they need to replace the sheets and one in seven would buy a mattress topper to get more life out of it.

More than one in 10 would even replace the mattress entirely.

Brits’ favourite thing about staying the night as a guest is getting to see their host, followed by the sense of adventure they get from being away from home.

And one in 10 just like taking a break from looking after themselves and being waited on by one of their friends.

It also emerged The average adult will spend 11 nights away from their own beds as a guest each year, staying with three separate hosts.

Steve Reid added, “Even the best guests find themselves with the short straw when they stay over, sleeping on a mattress or futon in need of a guest bed saviour.

“Whether it’s the older bed in a spare room or a natty old pull-out, a new topper can greatly improve the quality of the night’s sleep for your overnight guests.

“Everyone deserves the best night’s sleep. Simba’s Hybrid Topper is the next best thing to a new mattress, featuring innovative foam technology and 2,500 specially designed springs that pivot and map to the shape of your posture as you sleep to offer a bespoke sleep like no other.”

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1. Invading their space / being in the way

2. Disturbing their sleep during the night by going to the toilet or getting a glass of water

3. Getting a good night's sleep

4. Being too cold or too hot

5. Not having a proper or comfortable bed to stay in

6. Waking them up in the morning

7. Disrupting their daily plans

8. Overstaying your welcome

9. Not having the right duvet or amount of pillows

10. Disrupting their shower schedule