Am I Urinating Too Often?

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    How many trips to the bathroom have you made today? Increased frequency of urination can be a result of a number of factors, most of which are harmless and easily tackled.

    Some people naturally need to urinate more than others, so don’t worry if you’re friend only needs the loo three times a day when you go more than double that amount. The only cause for concern is if there is a sudden change in your usual pattern.

    Made a resolution to drink more water during the day? More often than not, your additional trips to the loo may be down to drinking more fluid than usual. Don’t drop your healthy habit, but be aware that you may need to go to the toilet frequently.

    If this isn’t the case, and you find yourself needing the toilet even without having something to drink, you may have an overactive bladder.
    Urinary incontinence can strike anyone of any age. It can range from a slight dribble when someone coughs – known as stress incontinence – to a sudden unavoidable need to go which is called urgency or urge incontinence.

    Stress incontinence is the most common form, especially in the under 65s, and affects almost 6 million people. Although women are far more likely to suffer from it men can get it too.  

    People with stress incontinence leak urine when they exert themselves such as during a coughing fit, or while taking exercise – even while laughing or walking downstairs.

    Around 40 per cent of incontinence patients suffer from both stress and urgency incontinence.

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