Lamb Recipes

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  • Lamb is a firm family favourite so make it the centrepiece of your menu this weekend with our delicious new ideas

    Lamb is a family favourite, whether you like it slow roast, griddled, in a curry, as a burger, whether you prefer shoulder, leg, shank, rack or cutlets you’ll find a recipe that the everyone will adore.

    Whether you’re after a succulent recipe to roast on a Sunday, something to cook up in the spring or a brilliant recipe to serve up for Easter, there are so many different lamb recipes to choose from and each one truly tastes great.

    Lamb is a great source of protein, iron and vitamin B12 and can be cooked up in a variety of ways to bring out a whole host of flavours. In Britain, lamb is usually in season during the spring and makes for a wonderful meat dish over the Easter period.

    Roasting lamb is definitely a great way to cook the meat to bring out its tenderness and flavour. Our roast lamb stuffed with peppers and pine nuts deserves the time it takes to cook it. The meat becomes perfectly tender and it’s an absolute dream served with steamed potatoes and veg ? making it the ideal recipe for when you’re entertaining.

    For a roasted lamb with a real kick, try our recipe for spice rub leg of lamb with vegetable couscous for a Sunday meal with a real difference.

    Curries are also a fantastic meal to use lamb in; from Rogan Joshes to Kormas, there are plenty of ways to spice up your lamb with a great curry dish.

    Tagines, stews and skewers are also a great way to use lamb in the kitchen, and we’ve got recipes for the lot. So whether you fancy a traditional lamb stew or something a little more different with our lamb koftas, there’s a lamb dish for every cuisine you may fancy making tonight.

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