I'm a fashion editor who rarely wears anything but trainers - these £45 ballet flats have transformed my spring wardrobe

Buy the Zara leather ballet flats in every colour if you can

Zara leather ballet flats
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Wearing high heels never used to bother me. I'd happily do a day at work in a heel, but somewhere along the line - maybe lockdown had something to do with it, or was it just trainers becoming more of a trend? - I started wearing trainers every day and never looked back.

Yes, I've got the odd loafer and some summer sandals in there, but my collection of best white trainers was my daily go-to. That is until I stumbled across these Zara leather ballet flats.

Ballet pumps are well and truly back in business for 2024, but maybe the mesh ballet flats you've seen everywhere are a step too far for you. Certainly, I tried a crystal embellished pair that quickly became 'indoor shoes' because I couldn't stand the blisters after a few attempts at wearing them in...

The Zara leather ballet flats were a last-minute addition to my shopping basket when adding to my spring capsule wardrobe, but in the days since then, I've hardly taken them off. They're the perfect combination of Quiet Luxury and minimalism, and so far I haven't found an outfit they won't work with.

They're actually really similar to the John Lewis 'Henrietta' style that had an 800 person-strong waitlist late last year. Excuse me for going all Goldilocks, but on the Zara style, the toe isn't too square, nor are they not too flat, plus the Mary Jane strap is perfectly placed so that they don't feel too girly and can easily be slipped on and off.

They work with everything from blue jeans and knitwear to your best midi dresses, and you could totally get away with adding the Zara leather ballet flats to occasionwear too. No more hobbling around the dancefloor at the end of a wedding, hurrah!

They're made from buttery soft leather, so the £45.99 price tag is pretty impressive, and are currently available in classic black, colour pop red and neutral cream. They're really comfortable to walk in despite missing that padded sole I'm used to with trainers. So much so, you pretty much feel like you're wearing slippers.

Kate Moss leather ballet flats

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Kate Moss is of course the original ballet flat queen, and she's definitely been known to favour Mary Jane shapes. But what really convinced me that these ballet pumps were going to fly off the shelves was spotting my fellow fashion expert Charlie Bell wearing the same style around the woman&home office. We can't both be wrong!

She says : "They're the perfect in-between shoe when it's not quite sandal weather (or when you haven't had time for a pedi!). I've been wearing mine with both jeans and dresses and the square toe gives them a slight edge that means they don't look too prim when worn with floaty frocks. The soft leather keeps the comfy for all-day-wear too. At under £50, they're my favourite buy this season."

Zara is a go-to for many people, but the high street stalwart seems to be on particularly good run at the moment. The Zara Marine jeans and Zara padded top - as recommended by Trinny Woodall - should be high up on your shopping list too.

Can't see your size? Zara is great at emailing when items are back in stock if you sign up, or check out our top three high street alternatives instead.

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