The Little Known Scandi Fashion Brands Your Wardrobe Needs

House of Dagmar

Over the past thirty years (well, since Britain's first IKEA store opened its doors in 1987), Scandi style has gradually taken hold of our homes, hearts, and - thanks to a newfound vogue for Nordic noir - our TV screens. But - that H&M bargain bin T-shirt excluded - has it made its way into your wardrobe?Nordic fashion is going global, and this time it's less mass-market catwalk copies and more contemporary classics. The hottest Scandi designers combine ethical consciousness, quality, simplicity and affordability with a variety of subtle avant garde twists set to propel you straight to the top of the fashion food chain. Meet the brands to shop now...

House of Dagmar (opens in new tab)

Swedish sisters Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam describe the House of Dagmar aesthetic - named for and inspired by their late grandmother, a tailor - as "unconventional and sophisticated... uniting glamour and tailoring with the finest materials". The trio's striking prints are inspired by the art deco period of the '20s and '30s, but their plainer (but no less statement making) staples are equally worthy of investment. Pair this beautifully cut top (opens in new tab), £75, and leather pencil skirt (opens in new tab), £455, for an elegantly stunning take on the work-to-dinner ensemble.

Kimono (opens in new tab), £180; Sweater (opens in new tab), £18, both House of Dagmar

Samsoe & Samsoe (opens in new tab)

Exceptionally savvy shoppers may already know this name. Considered classically Scandi, Samsoe & Samsoe's collections embrace the Nordic ethos of simple clothes, made well. You can shop the Copenhagen-based brand's designs at John Lewis.

Top (opens in new tab), £69.95; Dress (opens in new tab), £89.95, both Samsoe & Samsoe

Wood Wood

Founded in Copenhagen by Karl-Oskar Olsen, Magnus Carstensen and Brian SS Jensen, Wood Wood's designs are characterised by clean lines and a sportswear-meets-luxury aesthetic. Thinking about trying out the athleisure trend? Make this your first stop.

Trousers, £150; Jacket, £270, both Wood Wood

Weekday (opens in new tab)

On a budget? Even if you're not, Weekday is worth a look. It's the new H&M - but with the Scandi style dial turned up. Founded by Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg, the brand, which began life as a cult denim range, describes itself as "modern and mindful".

Shirt (opens in new tab), £30; Trousers (opens in new tab), £30; Coat (opens in new tab), £68, all Weekday

Filippa K (opens in new tab)

Filippa Knutsson's eponymous fashion label, which began life in her Stockholm kitchen, is, in the founder's own words, founded on holistic business principles and "dedicated to a carefully curated wardrobe of now". Known for premium basics, Filippa K's detail-driven designs tread the line between the classic and the unexpected with unrivalled panache.

Poncho Plisse Dress (opens in new tab), £335; Zip Collar Belt Dress (opens in new tab), £290, both Filippa K

Maria Nilsdotter

Maria Nilsdotter's fine jewellery designs have adorned the bodies of everyone from Madonna to Beyonce. Bearing this in mind, take a moment to be thankful for the fact that her pieces still sell in the tens and hundreds of pounds range, rather than the thousands, and snap up your own little gem while you can. The Stockholm-based designer invites you to "enter a world of magical creatures, twisted pearls and precious armour".

Clockwise from top left: Eternel Triangle Hoop Earring, £75.90; Feather Cuff, £497.15; Warrior Necklace, £227.70; Eternel Ear Hoop Earring, £75.90; Poison Arrow Stone Earring, £417.45, all Maria Nilsdotter