Genius TikTok sizing hack for jeans—how to check if they’ll fit without trying them on

Finding a pair of jeans to fit you perfectly can be a nightmare, but a TikTok jeans sizing hack may be the solution to this age-old problem

TikTok jeans sizing hack
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A TikTok jeans sizing hack has shocked social media users as it claims to help you find the perfect pair of jeans, without even trying them on!

TikTok is full of fabulous advice. From the hack for never having a flat ponytail to the crazy TikTok hack that gets rid of dark circles under your eyes, there are a lot of different tricks and tips that fans can steal from the platform.

But the hacks aren't just beauty-related, the viral Zara sizing hack from last year was a genius way to save time shopping, and now another similar time-saving hack is sweeping the internet.

This new trend suggests that instead of trying on a pair of jeans in a conventional way—that is, going to the changing room and actually putting them on—instead there is a much easier way that means you don't have to get undressed.

One TikToker showed viewers that you can wrap the waistband of the jeans around your neck. If the waistband fits comfortably, the jeans should be a good fit for your body. If the waistband is too slack around your neck the jeans will be too big, and if you can't reach the waistband fully around your neck, the size is too small. 


Jean hack! My husband thought I was crazy

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This may seem like a completely bizarre way to try on jeans but fans are loving the easy hack, and are delighted with the results.

"It works I've done this for years..." said one viewer.  "I’m 29 been doing this since I was 10!! This works!" said another.

"Yesss! My Mom told me this hack as we were growing up. Totally works! 😊" added another viewer.


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Others were more skeptical of this hack and many didn't believe that their neck would be a good way to show the size of their waist.

 "I want to believe this but I swear my neck hasn’t grown the same as my waist 🤣🤣" said one viewer.

"Um I have tried this with a few pants and it's not 100% accurate," said another viewer who was unsure about this trend.


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Although this hack primarily focuses on jeans, this trick can be used for various different types of trousers and skirts that have a high-waist fit for women. TikTok creators have also assured viewers that it should be a good indicator for people of all shapes and sizes.

So the next time you're putting your jeans on, see if they are a good fit around your neck. If so, this will be a handy trick the next time you go shopping and you can't be bothered to use the changing room!

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