Are you washing your hair properly? This TikTok hack shows you probably aren't...

A hairdresser has taken to TikTok to explain how to wash your hair correctly!

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A hairdresser has taken to TikTok to teach us how to wash our hair properly and fans are shocked by the mistakes we're all guilty of making.

You may already have the best shampoos and the best hair dryer brushes already in your hair care routine but a TikTok hairdresser has revealed that you may be making the most simple hair care mistake when it comes to washing your locks. 

The TikToker revealed that many of us are not vigorous enough when it comes to washing our hair, meaning that we only gently clean our hair and entirely miss out on cleansing our scalp.

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Kami Kirschbaum, a former hairdresser explained to TikTok fans that they need to use their fingertips to rub the shampoo into their scalp rather than just lather shampoo on the top of their hair.

The social media star added that washing underneath the hair and rubbing shampoo into the lower part of your head and the nape of your neck is also another vital area that is often missed. 

She also added that shampooing twice or even three times was an important way to make sure that your scalp is 'squeaky clean.'

Some viewers found that this technique was obvious, "You're telling me that we're not ALL scrubbing/ scratching our heads like we have fleas every time we shampoo??" said one viewer. 

"Girl as a hairdresser...I am not lying," said the creator who had clearly dealt with enough clients who didn't wash their hair properly. 

Other commenters admitted that they too had been washing their hair the first way and had learnt how to wash their hair through this TikTok hack.

"For everyone else hiding because you do it the first way, you're safe with me. I do it that way too," said one commenter who received over a hundred likes on her comment. "This is awesome, love the honesty," replied the creator who was pleased to pass on the hair care information.


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Jack Merrick-Thirlway the creative director at Neville Hair & Beauty explained to woman&home how he recommends readers should wash their hair.

Jack says that you only need a dollop of shampoo that is around the same size as a 10 pence piece (about 1 inch or 2.5cm).

"Taking a 10 pence piece amount of shampoo, rub it into your hand, and wipe down the center. Then cover the sides of your head and spread to the back evenly. Keeping your fingertips on the scalp make sure you cover every part of the head. Do not leave your shampoo on for too long. Rinse and repeat," says Jack.

Jack says that shampooing your hair twice is also vital. "Always shampoo twice. Two quick ones are better than one long one as it will make the hair heavy," says the creative director. 

Jack also advises that when it comes to the age-old debate about how often you should wash your hair, his recommendation is that shampooing should ideally take place every three days. 

When it comes to applying your best conditioner, the director recommends that conditioner is only applied "to the dry parts of the hair." He says that around the "general mid-length area and ends" are the best places to focus as it is the oldest part of your hair. However, he adds, "but if your hair is dry all over, apply all over."

The hairdresser also revealed that brushing your hair while it's wet will not damage your hair, but there is a trick to it, "brush your hair when wet but be sure to start from tips up to the scalp as this will not cause any damage."

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