This genius TikTok paper towel hack will double your roll and save you money!

This paper towel hack is so obvious that you won't believe you didn't think of it sooner

paper towel roll
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A TikTok paper towel hack that promises to double your roll has gone viral. The game-changing trick promises to save you money on the often pricey product, which has become impossible for many to live without.

Paper towels have become a must for many in day-to-day cleaning tasks. Whether it's how to clean your phone, how to clean kitchen cabinets, or how to clean a glass stovetop for a mirror-like shine—the handy product is often called upon.

This TikTok, from @shessunday, is the simplest way to double the shelf life of your paper towel roll.  All you need to do is cut it in half. Yes, you heard that right. She simply takes a large, very sharp knife to the paper towel roll and cuts it in half. 

Reactions to her hack show that sometimes, it's the most obvious things that we fail to consider!

One person commented "I jumped up and did this! Genius." Another added, "This is actually a great idea!"

The Tiktoker revealed that her reasoning for the idea was because there were a few overly enthusiastic paper towel users in her house. "I had to try it, great for kids because mine take like three at a time," she said.

Other parents appreciated her experience, knowing all too well how many sheets such small hands can get their mitts on!

Not all users were that impressed with the trick as many thought she intended to use the halved rolls as toilet roll. Kitchen roll is notoriously terrible for clogging up toilets so they reacted with totally understandable horror at what they perceived was her suggestion.

Although paper towels have become an indispensable item for many, it's only relatively recently that they've become considered one of the ultimate kitchen essentials.

The sad fact is that paper towels aren't as friendly to the environment as a plain old dishrag for cleaning or reusable, washable napkins for meal-related requirements.

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