This crazy TikTok hack gets rid of dark circles under your eyes

Banish your dark eye circles with this amazing TikTok make-up hack that looks a little bit ridiculous but brightens and highlights your eyes

TikTok hack dark circles
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Fans are loving a TikTok hack that looks ridiculous but manages to cover dark circles completely.

From lip lift hacks to hair washing trends, TikTok is full of useful beauty hacks that can help change the way you do your makeup and care for your body. 

The most recent trend on the app is a little bizarre but it promises to banish your dark circles and to leave your eyes looking bright and alert without tired bags underneath.

The hack shows viewers how to apply their best concealer on their faces in an unusual pattern that helps to hide dark circles and accentuate their eyes. The hack is called the 'eyeglasses concealer trend' because the application of the concealer resembles the shape of round spectacles that would be worn in the same area.


♬ original sound - tarte cosmetics

Fans are loving this hack and many are copying the technique in order to get rid of their own dark eye circles and accentuate their cheekbones.

The hack also makes the eyes look larger while narrowing the face for that classic 'fox eye' look that has also become popular with the younger generation who are moving away from the 'cat-eye' trend that was more popular with Millenials.

The number of different fans taking part in this trend shows that there is no one certain skin tone or face shape that works best with this hack, and banishing those darker circles with this hack is effective for all of the trend followers on the app.


♬ original sound - tarte cosmetics

This is one of the easiest and versatile hacks on the app as taking part in the trend requires no additional purchases as you can use your own concealer and brushes or blenders to replicate the look.

If this hack doesn't take your fancy, there are plenty of other ways to apply concealer that look a little less bizarre and also promise to have a brightening effect that hides darker spots.

Meghan Markle's concealer hack is also another popular fan favorite that can help to brighten eyes and reduce eye bags. The Duchess' quick hack only takes seconds and it is rumored to be the secret behind the Duchess of Sussex's bright and rested look during royal engagements.

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