M&S anti-chafing shorts are back and we're very happy about it

marks spencer anti chafe shorts

Marks & Spencer's anti-chafing shorts are back on shelves - just in time for this week's heatwave!

In times of uncertainty it’s a relief to know that there are some things we can still rely on.

With a mini heatwave expected, many women this week will face the unpleasant sensation of sweaty thigh-chafe –an experience we can all do without in hot weather.

Fortunately, M&S is working hard to ease the pain with its lightweight Cool Comfort Anti-chafing Shorts.

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Just £12 a pair and rated an impressive 4.5 stars on the retailer’s website, these shorts not only offer a 'smooth and fuss-free finish' they prevent chafing, are comfortable, seamless and, perhaps most importantly, come with cooling technology to help prevent us overheating in the sun.

In fact, these anti-chafing shorts have proved so popular they were out of stock until recently, so don’t take any chances and grab yours while you can.

The high-waisted undergarment helps hold the stomach in place so you can wear your favourite summer dress or skirt without any concerns of ‘over-hang’.

marks spencer anti chafe shorts

SHOP NOW: Cool Comfort™ Anti-chafing Shorts, £12, Marks & Spencer

And they come in three different colours – black, almond and white – and in sizes 8-10, 12-14, 16-18 and 20-22 so no one needs to miss out.

The perfect outfit addition to keep us comfy in all of our favourite summer dresses!

If you’re still not sure about wearing shapewear in the height of summer maybe the glowing reviews from customers will convince you.

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'Fine fabric and great under dresses and skirts,' wrote one customer while another added, 'Kept me cool, stopped my inner thighs from getting hot and rubbing together, easy to pull on and off, good quality material as I thought I would snag them like tights and didn’t.'

'I’m absolutely chuffed with these shorts, so soft and comfortable,' added another fan. 'I know there not meant to be slimming shorts but they do seem to shape my bum and tummy nicely without being really tight.'

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Another commented, 'I wear them for gym work-outs, tennis, badminton, yoga and just about anything else. A super smooth silhouette every time and no clinching at the waist – Brilliant!'

We might have to get one in every colour!