This 87p wonder product will stop you chafing in the hot weather

Women who suffer from chafing and sweating say this supermarket budget buy is gold dust.

Spring has finally arrived. Which means bank holiday barbecues, pub garden lunches, day trips to the beach… and, for some of us, seriously uncomfortable chafing. Underboob sweat and inner thigh chafing (or ‘chub rub’ as it's affectionately known) become issues for a huge number of women when things start hotting up.

But there’s no need to suffer in silence, because a well-kept beauty secret has just been revealed…

Asda’s Little Angels Liquid Talc, which costs just 87p for 125ml, might have been formulated with babies in mind, but clever mums have discovered it works a treat on sweating and chafing for adults, too!

The formula goes on like a lotion but dries to a light powder, which helps to absorb excess moisture and prevent chapping.

The hack went viral after one woman shared the tip on Facebook. ‘To all my big-busted ladies, or those with thick thighs/some chub… this is a godsend,’ she wrote.

‘I’ve been using it under my boobs and thighs and it has really stopped the sweating and chafing in this hot weather!’

The post was shared by 6,000 people, some of whom had never heard of liquid talc before. ‘Might keep it for me not baby,’ one user commented.

Online shoppers have also been quick to throw their backing behind the product.

‘I mean yes, this works just as well on the little ones.. but my goodness now it’s getting warmer.. chub rub and under boobs are finally saved with this miracle rub,’ wrote one five-star reviewer.

‘I am so glad I discovered this stuff,’ another agreed. ‘I don’t like regular moisture creams because they feel a tad greasy, but this stuff makes your skin silky soft without the sticky feeling. Smells fab too. Highly recommended.’

Several people said the talc had helped them with other issues too, including spots and even eczema.

‘OK, so I know this is meant for babies but I use it on myself too,’ one woman admitted.

‘For chub rub, under boob sweat and even on spots. I put some of this on my spots overnight and they reduce by the morning. I cannot recommend it enough.’


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