Jennifer Aniston's charcoal grey gym leggings and simple strappy top create the perfect lowkey workout uniform

Fitness is a huge part of Jen's life - and her workout wardrobe is unsurprisingly stylish

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston's charcoal grey workout leggings combined with a simple strappy top creates the ideal simplistic uniform for getting sweaty in the gym.

Finding a pair of the best black gym leggings is essential if running, weight training, yoga or pilates is set to be a key part of your daily routine this summer. But while a pair of sleek black leggings can look crisp, timeless and sleek - Jen's most recent workout video has got us running to buy a cool charcoal grey pair. 

Pairing charcoal with black to create a workout outfit provides a softer look that creates a stylish two-tone contrast, without having to add attention-grabbing pops of colour. Of course, a brighter flair can always be added with one of your brightest and best sports bras layered beneath. 

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In a sporty video shared on Jennifer's Instagram back in February, she can be seen getting stuck into a balance and strength-focussed floor Pvolve workout, looking svelte and strong in a pair of ultra soft-looking charcoal leggings and a lightweight gym cami. 

It appears that a bargain gym tool plays a key part in Jennifer's fitness regime - as she can be seen with ankle weights attached to her legs during the active session. Ankle weights are an easy, affordable and effective way to incorporate extra exertion and strength building into your at-home workouts - we love this pink set from Amazon currently on sale for £10.95

There was no need for a pair of gym shoes or her best running trainers, though, as the Friends icon took on the fitness session with bare feet. 

Offering some inspirational words to those feeling reluctant to crack on with a workout, Jen captioned the post, "If you’re having one of THOSE Mondays, I FEEL YOU," adding, "Just gotta do it!!"

In 2023, Jennifer opened up about how her outlook on exercise and fitness has evolved over the years, admitting that she has ditched intense and brutal workouts in favour of gentler fitness. 

Speaking to British Vogue, she said, "It used to be pounding, pounding, pounding. You had to get 45 minutes to an hour of cardio; otherwise, you weren’t getting a workout.

"Not only do you stress your body, you burn out – who wants to do that at all?"

She later added, "I’m in better shape than I was in my 20s. I feel better in mind, body, and spirit. It’s all 100 per cent better."

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