5 things I wish I'd known before buying a Dyson Airwrap

Here's what you need to know before investing in the Dyson Airwrap, from a beauty writer who's been using her Airwrap for over a year

What you need to know before you buy a Dyson Airwrap: photo of an airwrap and attachments
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The Dyson Airwrap is a big investment that warrants some research before adding to your basket. As a Beauty Writer who's been using her Airwrap daily for over a year, here are five things to weigh up when considering whether to invest.

Since it first launched five years ago, the Dyson Airwrap has totally transformed the world of the best hair dryers. Offering low-noise, high-power hair styling, it makes the perfect Christmas present if you really want to spoil a loved one, or simply to treat yourself while a rare saving is available. We first wrote about the initial Airwrap in our Dyson Airwrap review, but the brand continues to innovate with new attachments and features to make it fit even more seamlessly into your styling routine.

One of the many questions people ask before investing in the Dyson Airwrap is whether it will be suitable for their hair type, and while I've got coloured, frizz-prone hair, I've also got a whole team's worth of testers (the w&h team) at my disposal, each with a different hair type who helped weigh in on their experience using the Dyson Airwrap in their daily routine. From how to use the tool to achieve your desired look to the key things to pay attention to, so these tips should help you decipher whether or not the tool is for you.

What you need to know before buying a Dyson Airwrap

Amelia Yeomans headshot
Amelia Yeomans

I have thick, frizzy, and dry hair that takes a fair bit of heat styling to look its best. When left to air dry it gets very wavy, so I'm always on the hunt for a tool that can take it from wet to straight or smooth my natural waves with minimal effort.

1. Hair prep is the key to success with the Airwrap

If you want extremely fast results, you won't really get that from the Airwrap. You have to be willing to put in a little bit of extra time by preparing your hair properly if you want the tool to perform at its best, as the key is all in the prep.

Why it still works...

Dyson’s Global Hair Ambassador, Larry King, told us exactly how to make Dyson Airwrap curls last. He advised  that you'll get the most long-lasting curls by making sure that hair is neither too wet nor too dry. King recommends rough drying your hair until it is about 80-90% dry, then use the curling barrels to style and finish drying. Don't forget to always set your curls by using the cool shot setting too!

Larry King
Larry King

Larry King is a leading hairdresser with two eponymous salons in London and his own haircare brand, as well as being Dyson's Global Hair Ambassador – meaning he's well versed in how to use the Airwrap and the brand's other tools, like the Supersonic Hair Dryer

If you're using the diffuser - one of the new Dyson Airwrap attachments - you'll want your hair to start soaking wet. Don't towel dry, brush, or touch it at all. Go straight in with the diffuser after applying your desired products and dry fully for the best defined, frizz-free curls. 

Prepare wrong, and you're likely to see your style dropping out within a couple of hours. You have been warned.

2. Not every attachment will work perfectly for every hair type

This may seem obvious, but I spent the longest time expecting each and every attachment to work perfectly on my hair and thinking the tool was at fault when I didn't get the results I wanted. Although most of them will provide gorgeous results when your hair is prepped properly (see above), some will just work better for you than others.

If you have an extra long hairstyle or particularly thick hair, you may find the standard round brush a little too small for your needs. Likewise, if you have very curly or coily hair, the paddle brush attachments may not be able to give you a totally straight style on their own.

Why it still works...

You'll want to take some time to learn how each attachment can benefit you as a part of your hair styling routine, whether you use it for wet-to-straight styling or as a prep tool for other styling methods.

3. It is fairly bulky

The day I carried my Airwrap home in its box, my evening was plagued by arm soreness like I'd done an hour-long boxing class. Granted, that was largely due to the weighty case the Airwrap comes with, but the tool itself can be slightly bulky depending on the attachment you're using. The main barrel of the Airwrap is quite thick - though very easy to grip - so if you struggle with tools that are too large, this is something to be aware of. I find that I can happily style my hair for 30-60 minutes without arm ache, but this may not be the case for everyone.

Why it still works...

If you're weighing up the Shark Flexstyle vs Dyson Airwrap, after using both countless times, I do think the Shark is bulkier. However, if you want one of the best travel hair dryers, the Airwrap probably isn't the one. From the length of it to the number of attachments it comes with, it's not really made to fit into a handbag or cart around.

4. There aren't tons of settings

Most hair dryers typically have limited settings - a few for heat and a few for speed. The Airwrap is much the same. My hair is quite thick and frizzy, so sometimes I do feel that I could benefit from extra power/speed settings to really get my hair in order.

Why it still works...

One of the benefits of the Airwrap is that it is less damaging than other dryers, so if your main aim is to protect your hair's health while styling, this shouldn't be a problem for you.

5. You won't want to use any other tool

This can be taken as a pro or a con. Be prepared that other tools you've invested in over the years won't get much use after buying the Airwrap. I have a fairly substantial collection of hair tools, from the best curlers for thick hair to the best straighteners for curly hair, and a lot of them have been made pretty much redundant.

Why it still works...

Although this may seem like a good thing, I wish I had known before purchasing cheaper tools that I would have been better off just investing in the Airwrap. If you're at a stage where you're debating settling for a few cheaper tools or saving up for the Airwrap, I'd definitely recommend holding out and spending that bit more money. The convenience of only needing one tool is unmatched.

Here's why I'd still buy an Airwrap...

No hair tool is perfect, but the Airwrap does come close. I have definitely used other tools that have dried my hair slightly quicker or held my curls for longer, but none have ever looked as good as when I use the Airwrap. From causing less damage to giving a smooth, healthy finish, this is a tool that constantly delivers. 

I have particularly tricky hair. It almost always looks frizzy and straightening it completely can take hours. The Airwrap can take my hair from wet to styled with minimal effort, which is something I've never had in quite the same way with another tool.

Yes, the price tag is steep, but I'm pretty confident this is the only tool you'll need in your life once you've mastered how to make it work for your hair type and fit your needs.

Amelia Yeomans
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