Top 10 Body Moisturiser and Oil Sets

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  • It's the new way to rehydrate your skin: Double-up on body oil and lotion to reveal super-soft skin

    It is important to use moisturiser every day, in winter and in the summer to protect our skin from the elements and fight the signs of ageing.

    While summer skin and winter skin may call for different types of skincare, there is one new beauty tip being championed by those in the know: Rather than relying on moisturiser alone to meet all of your skincare needs, double up with a matching body oil to reveal your softest skin yet.

    A mix of body moisturiser and body oil will lock in extra moisture, hydrating skin to leave you radiant and glowing. We have found a set for every need and budget, so whether you want to to firm up, hydrate, tone your body or fight the sings of ageing, we have a body moisturiser and body oil set to suit you!

    Try out this new beauty trick and see how soft your skin can be…

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