The Best Night Creams For Oily Skin

Ten of the best creams to moisturise and repair oily or combination skin

There are plenty of advantages to having oily skin – that excess of sebum means your complexion will stay plumper and juicier as you age, plus you don’t have to worry about flaking skin in winter (thank goodness!) But that’s not to say having oily or combination skin is always simple, and picking a night cream can be particularly tricky. Traditional rich and heavily perfumed formulas can leave pores overloaded and skin looking puffy come the morning. 

When looking for the best night creams for oily skin, the good news is there many modern formulas which take into account your skin’s need for light, easily absorbed nourishment as well as containing ingredients that mattify and rebalance your sebum production. 
So what should you look out for in a night cream for oily skin? Many people find a cool, gel-like texture best, absorbing quickly with no greasy residue and avoiding that puffy face that indicates your cream is too rich. Some moisturisers contain micro-particles of powder, like our top pick from French brand Carita, these are fab for dulling down shine and absorbing excess oil while you sleep, so you awake to a mattified complexion. Some super-smart formulas even help regulate your skin’s own natural production of sebum, getting to the root of the problem and having a cumulative de-shining effect over time. 
Although many of these products are oil-free, which you may feel most comfortable using on oily or combination skin, it can actually be beneficial to use an oil-based product (fight fire with fire, if you will!) This is because when we strip our skin cells of their natural protective oils, they can overcompensate by producing more, so giving our skin the nourishing oils it needs can prevent it going into panic mode! 
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Facialists and skincare therapists alike recommend incorporating a simple massage technique into your daily skincare application to get the best out of your products and your cheekbones. Here is guest wellbeing and skincare therapist at Fortnum and Mason, Marie Reyonlds top tips for defining your contours:

1. Apply cream using your index finger with your middle finger over the top for extra pressure, firmly press under and up into the curve of your cheekbones, starting from the sides of the nose. Do both sides at the same time.

2 Use a firm, pressing-gliding action and follow the curve of your cheekbone, always pressing under and up into the muscle to give that lift, ending up at the ear.

3 At the ear where you have lymph nodes (the posterior auricular glands – it’s like a hollow) gently massage anti-clockwise on this point to stimulate and help drain fluids and toxins. Repeat three times, day and night.

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