The Best Body Moisturiser

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  • Your winter routine needs these pampering body creams

    It’s perhaps the most underestimated step in your regimen, but if you committed to body lotion you’d be reaping plentiful rewards. For starters, winter skin is dry; your hands are dry, your legs are dry, your arms are dry, and crepey lines can form from all of that, well, dryness. Body lotion can fix that but the benefits don’t stop there, as many are loaded with additional treats to address a manner of other skin or lifestyle concerns.

    For example, one genius brand created a spray-on lotion for all of those days when dutifully massaging a cream in feels like a bit too much effort (hello, Mondays). Hate the feel of body lotion but love the hydration it lends? We?ve found a wonderfully weightless sorbet with an equally fresh, light scent.

    See these creams and others that tend to your skin concerns by clicking through the gallery. Your winter-beaten limbs will thank you for it!

    And, while you’re on the lookout for body creams that target your key concerns, why not check out our sister beauty site Powder for bespoke skincare recommendations? Simply fill in your likes, dislikes and hopes for your beauty regimen, and top beauty editors will serve up suggestions that are personalised entirely to you.

    Murad Collagen Support Body Cream, £38
    A hydrating powerhouse, this youth-boosting body cream triples skin’s moisture levels in one slather – and it locks all that nourishment in for 24 hours. The benefits are three-fold: you hone skin that’s healthier and suppler; it absorbs super-fast, and the blend of hydrators help to encourage collagen production. Take a scoop from the tub if you’re looking to eradicate extreme dryness and, over time, this rich, whipped cream will reduce the signs of ageing.