6 niche perfume picks to diversify your collection - from smoky blends to hints of mint

Tired of samey vanillas and floral scents? These varied and uncommon signatures are sure to set you apart from the crowd...

A collection of 'niche perfumes' from Maison Margiela, Escentric Molecules, Maison Crivelli and Glossier in a pastel pink template
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While the classics, like vanilla and citrus-centric fragrances, will never fail you, sometimes the occasion - or just your mood - calls for a change. These six niche perfumes offer a refreshing departure from mainstream and over-done blends, for a distinctive and head-turning impression...

The list of best long-lasting perfumes boasts a myriad of signatures, some you'll no doubt have heard of and some, perhaps you haven't. And while we all often have a tendency to veer towards the familiar, finding an unusual and lesser-known scent can be quite the game-changer. After all, there's nothing worse than bumping into someone wearing the same fragrance as you - even if said fragrance is touted as one of the best perfumes for women. Our scent is a very intimate and personal thing and thus, your everyday aroma should reflect this.

So, to that end, we've rounded up a host of unique and unconventional scents, all guaranteed to bring both character and compliments with every spritz.

6 stylish and niche perfume to add to your collection

If you're looking to breathe some new life into your perfume collection, opting for less conventional scent profiles is definitely a great place to start. If you're a lover of vanilla perfumes for instance, a similarly sweet but more rich and nutty pistachio scent might hit all the right notes (pardon the pun), while fans of classic florals - like jasmine and rose - might enjoy the more musky and powdery dry down of an iris perfume.

The choices are truly endless, with everything from milk perfumes to crisp and fresh scents available but, to help narrow down your search for the perfect niche aroma, allow us to present six for your consideration...

What constitutes a niche perfume?

Now this is quite subjective but as far as we're concerned, it's a scent that boasts notes that aren't necessarily mainstream - spearmint for example, or saffron, ambrette and clove - and so is hard to pin down from just one whiff.

As for finding one out of the plethora of perfume options out there, we would say that the most common scent types are florals - specifically jasmine and rose perfume - vanilla scents (and fragrances with vanilla as a base note), fruity perfumes and warm and woody blends. Common base notes, which are the aromas that typically linger the longest also include; jasmine, vanilla, amber, patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood. So, if you're looking for a fragrance that is more unusual and quote-on-quote niche, sussing out a blend that doesn't feature - or at least features few of - these common favourites is a good place to start.

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