The best designer perfumes for spring

Discover this season's must have designer perfumes, chosen by W&H Beauty Editor Fiona McKim

As seasons in our weather-obsessed isle go, spring must be the most eagerly anticipated.

There’s that first delicious morning when you feel the sun on your face, there are buttery daffodils and marshmallow pink trees, but I’d wager before you see or feel it, you smell it.

Our sense of smell is powerful, matching scent molecules with receptors in our noses then whizzing this information to the bits of our brain that unlock memories and emotions. That’s how you know the neighbours have cut their grass without peeking over the fence; those neurons zip straight back to your children as toddlers jumping in piles of the freshly cut stuff.

This ability 
to evoke is why certain scents feel so right for spring. Read on to discover my pick of the designer perfumes bunch…