Best Buys For Problem Skin

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  • Problem skin in adulthood is more common than you think. Take a look at our recommended beauty prescription to combat a troubled complexion

     27 January 2015

    Adult acne, eczema and rosacea are becoming a growing epidemic, a larger number of mature people are suffering from spontaneous breakouts and generally problematic complexions than ever before and according to Annet King from The International Dermal Insitiute ‘it’s mostly down to stress.’

    Hectic schedules and busy lives can cause a period of long-term stress which forces the adrenal glands to increase production of androgen hormones – dowsing our skin in excess oil which creates spots.

    Today ‘60% of adult women regularly suffer from acne, blackheads and excessively oily skin’, says dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting, yet 75% of the products on the market are aimed solely at teenagers and do not cater for the other issues facing maturer complexions such as ageing.

    Women are increasingly finding they have to make a choice between keeping the wrinkles at bay or treating their acnes, eczema or rosacea flare ups, but a new breed of intelligent treatments are slowly trickling onto the market and we’ve rounded up the best ones to choose from.

    But remember the main reason treatments don’t work is because people don’t stick with them long enough. ‘It takes 6-12 weeks to see a noticeable difference,’ advises Dr Sam Bunting.

    Click through, your clearer skin awaits…