Queen Letizia's clever eyeliner hack 'adds depth' and makes her lashes look 'fuller' and it's super easy to copy at home

We're obsessed with Queen Letizia's simple trick!

Queen Letizia's eyeliner hack has been revealed and we are obsessed with this simple trick that can improve your smokey eye makeup
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Queen Letizia is known for her incredible makeup looks and her eyeliner is always immaculate.

Sarah Amelia Fogg, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Brows by Sarah has revealed exactly how Queen Letizia's makeup is always so on point. Sarah revealed that the Queen uses black eyeliner on her waterline in order to create a pristine and captivating look that makes her lashes look fuller and her makeup look even smokier. 

"Queen Letizia is known for her eyeliner looks that perfectly utilise the 'tightlining' technique to create a defined look; this consists of applying liner to the upper and lower waterline," said Sarah. 

"Applying black eyeliner to the waterline can make your eyes look smaller, however this isn’t necessarily a negative thing and Queen Letizia demonstrates this perfectly," she said. "When applied correctly, eyeliner on your waterline enhances the eyes and adds depth making your lashes look and appear fuller. It also softens the lash line which avoids your best mascara looking too harsh compared to the rest of your makeup."

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The artist then explained how fans might be able to replicate this look at home. "To replicate the look, I would recommend opting for a high-quality waterproof eyeliner pencil in a shade that compliments your eye colour and makeup style. Dark brown or black is a common choice for tightlining as it creates a more dramatic effect but equally, a light brown pencil can be a great way of adding subtle definition." 

Sarah further explained, "Simply apply this to the upper and lower waterline to enhance the shape of the eyes. Whilst it’s optional, I would say that Queen Letizia follows up by smudging the liner to create a softer look. This can help create a subtle, smoky effect while maintaining the tightline."

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While making the eyes look smaller can have a sultry, siren eyes effect, Sarah warned fans that they should also make sure that their eyebrows are fluffed properly so that the eyes can look arched and open.

"Brows are also key to this waterline look as they prevent the eyes from looking too small. Eyeliner in the waterline can sometimes create a heavy, small illusion on the eyes if not done correctly and so pairing this look with a beautiful arched brow will help to open up the eyes. Queen Letizia does this perfectly!" Sarah said. 

"To create high-arched brows, I recommend using a clear, strong brow gel such as the Fluff It Up from Brows by Sarah to brush the hairs upwards which will give a lifted illusion. This will also allow you to create a higher arch which will elongate the face and therefore lift the eyes."

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