Kate Middleton's speedy glass nails are the unfussy mani we can definitely get on board with

Nude nails for the win, always!

Princess Catherine
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Looking for a low-maintenance manicure? Look no further than Kate Middleton's speedy glass nails - the ultimate "clean girl" nail look.

We're always on the hunt for the next manicure trend - whether it be the vanilla chrome nails or the "tuxedo manicure," we're willing to try out any design, shape, and any other option in between to find the best nail trends of the year. There is something to be said, however, for keeping your nails consistent and similar, or even having a "signature manicure" that you keep in your beauty arsenal that maintains your sense of personal style. 

One person who has nailed their signature manicure is none other than Princess Catherine, who is often seen keeping her nails very natural and shiny.

Kate's "glass nails" are exactly what the name denotes - a manicure that likens your nails to that of glass. They're shiny and polished perfectly, with all cuticles and nail lengths even and clean.

kate middleton nails

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Not only are Kate's neutral and clean nails extremely low maintenance, but they also are versatile, seeing as a simple, nude manicure matches with nearly any outfit - because really, it's so annoying to have a brightly-coloured manicure and having to rethink your outfit because your nails don't match. 

Although Kate, under Royal protocol, is advised to not debut any vivid nail colours or designs, we'd have to believe that even if she were allowed to break that mold, she would probably still opt for her signature glass nails anyway. In fact, even the late Queen had famously favoured Essie’s pale pink Ballet Slippers polish since 1989.

kate middleton nude nails

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Kate has worn a few bright hues in the past, like reds and light pinks, but doesn't typically stray out of that territory, always keeping her manicure looking luxe and minimal.

How to recreate Kate Middleton's speedy glass nails at home

All you really need to do for prep is the usual: buff your nails, trimming the cuticles (safely!) if needed, and cutting and filing to your desired shape. Kate specifically keeps her nails in a rounded square shape, as to avoid any harsh corners or edges. 

Ballet Slippers Nail Polish, (Was £7.19, Now £5.70) | Essie

Ballet Slippers Nail Polish, (Was £7.19, Now £5.70) | Essie

This royal-approved polish has been worn by Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and even the Queen. This product is part of the unique Essie formula with excellent coverage, durability, professional chip protection, and nail-strengthening properties.

Then, brush on your favourite base coat, let it dry, and finish with an uber-glossy top coat for that shiny, glass finish. If you want just a hint of a blush colour, as Kate sometimes incorporates, you can tack on a layer or two of your preferred blush tone polish before adding your top coat.

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