JLo’s ’tuxedo nails’ are an ultra-classy take on a French mani - and they totally exude quiet luxury vibes

We're obsessed with JLo's luxurious nails

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Jennifer Lopez is always championing each season's nail trends, and thanks to her loyal and talented nail artist Tom Bachik, there's a new, luxurious mani trend in town: the "tuxedo" mani.

JLo, although of course known for many things (her acting skills, her songs, her sense of style, etc.), has become somewhat synonymous with setting nail trends thanks to her loyal nail artist Tom Bachik. (FYI - he's the genius behind the lip gloss manicure, as well as the vanilla chrome mani that still remains extremely popular.)

There's a new mani that Tom just created for JLo, and we're obsessed with its luxurious energy - and he's calling it the "tuxedo mani."

Now, before you get to imagining some black nails with button designs or even a bowtie, think again - this mani is nothing short of highly sophisticated. 

With a chic update on the classic white nail design, the French mani, Tom has done a few iterations of this luxurious design - but the key point is to incorporate black and white onto the nail into specific sections. 

For JLo's tuxedo mani, for example, he started with a black base for the nail, and then painted a white French tip. The design kicker, though, is that he added a subtle streak of white in the middle, adding a sort of unique and artistic twist to what otherwise would have been a fairly basic mani. 

JLo isn't his only tuxedo mani muse, however - he also has done the chic design on other celebs. When he tried this luxurious new nail trend on singer Camilla Cabello, for example, he started off with a traditional nude and white French mani, and then added a black section on the right half of each nail for sort of a wealthy, colour-blocking sort of vibe. 

People in the comments under Tom's posts also loved this stylish and unique take on a French. "LOVE the contrast," one user said. 

"Oh saving this one!!!! So good," another commented. 

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