Jo Malone launches dreamy lavender pillow mist to help you get to sleep

With three new scents and a dreamy pillow mist, this collection is set to be a fan favourite.
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  • Jo Malone always delivers when it comes to quality fragrances that we can’t stop sniffing.

    Their subtle but off-the-cuff blends have us constantly burying into our scarves at our desks to cosy into the scent and repeatedly sniffing our wrists throughout the day just for a hit of our favourite Jo Malone.

    Well now the brand has expanded their range so that you can take their gorgeous fragrance with you even when you go to bed.

    The London perfume giant has launched their first ever pillow mist so that can you can fall asleep to the soft, relaxing scent of Jo Malone.

    jo malone launches lavender pillow mist

    Credit: Jo Malone

    Blending aromatic lavender with smooth musk, the spray creates a sensual scent to help you relax and unwind for a restful night’s sleep.

    The bottle’s smart pump is even designed in a way that makes the spritz comes out in a light mist, rather than a wet spray – perfect for layering over your delicate bedsheets.

    And, while this mist is strictly to be used on your bed, rather than your skin, if you can’t get enough of the perfumery’s subtle lavender smell, they have also released not just one but three lovely new perfume scents.

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    As part of their brand new Lavenderland collection, the brand has launched three new scents using English lavender, all blended in different ways to give you three individual fragrances.

    Lavender & Coriander is a warm but clean scent that blends the aromatic herb with woody sage and creamy tonka bean, while Silver Birch & Lavender opens with fresh and zesty grapefruit that’s finished off with a deep note of roasted oak.

    But if it really is your love of the pillow mist that leads you towards the perfumes, we recommend going for the Wisteria & Lavender, as it’s the pick that seems the most similar to the lovely pillow spray.

    jo malone launches lavender pillow mist

    Credit: Jo Malone

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    Shop the range here

    Jo Malone London English Lavender Collection

    Discover a trio of takes on this timeless note, each offering a different presentation of natural lavender.

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    Blended with powdery white musk and soft heliotrope, the sweet but balanced fragrance will add a warm and fuzzy note to your day even with the most adverse of weather conditions outside.

    All of the products hit shelves today and are also available online – so you don’t even have to go out in the storm of wind and rain to get your hands on them!

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