The new Charlotte Tilbury serum with a 8,000-person waitlist is finally available


Charlotte Tilbury is expanding into skincare even further with a brand new product.

While shimmery eye shadow palletes and gorgeous lipsticks might be the first things that come to mind when you think about Charlotte Tilbury, the brand's bestseller is actually a skincare product.

The Magic Cream, which sells one every two minutes, is loved by A-listers all over the world and now the brand has launched another skincare product that's also bound to be a hit.

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Before it launched this month, the new Magic serum already had a whooping 8,000 people in the waiting list. It's a groudbreaking combination between the best that biocosmetic science has to offer and the 'holistic wellbeing and the healing frequency of light and energy’.

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Serum: what is in it?

On the spritual side, we have a crystal complex that includes moonstone, ruby, rose quartz, crystal quartz and amethyst, and promises to improve moisture levels, texture and radiance.

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When it comes to skincare ingredients, the serum contains a host of potent components, including Vitamin C for a brighter-looking complexion, and Polyglutamic Acid - which is said to be four times more hydrating that our current fave, Hyaluronic Acid.

Does the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum work?

Early reviews of the product have been very positive and studies also show great results for the skin.

Over 95% of participants in a user trial reported younger-looking skin; reduction in fine lines and wrinkles; firmer skin and lifted facial countours.

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Results of a clinical study were equally promising, with a ignificant increase in hydration by 172% after 1 hour and skin waterloss reduced by 43% after 1 hour.

Speaking of the launch, Charlotte herself said, "While developing my supercharged serum with scientists, I wanted to ensure that my formula captured not only the latest innovations in technology and the best of modern biocosmetic science, but also the spiritual and mythical power of crystals.

"I was inspired by the myths and legends that suggest crystals have powerful properties. For centuries, people have carried them with them and kept them in their homes, due to their belief that they radiate a positive, pure and glowing energy."

We reckon this one might magically disappear off the virtual shelves very quickly...

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