Pink hair do care - Bleach London launches plastic-free hair dye in a bar

When it comes to sustainability, Bleach London Rose Shampoo Bar is raising - well, the 'bar'

Bleach London Rose Shampoo Bar
(Image credit: Bleach London)

If you didn't think there was a sustainable alternative to hair dye, meet the Bleach London Rose Shampoo Bar. The first of its kind, it's a gamechanger in every sense of the word.

Bleach London Rose is undoubtedly one of the brand's bestselling shades - not least because celebrities such as Madonna and Royal make-up artist Mary Greenwell have opted for vibrant pink hair of late.

Now it's possible to experiment with the pastel tone without the plastic.

Bleach London prides itself on being as on the ball with the latest pastel dye job as it is with its sustainable offerings. From only using recycled and cardboard packaging for its vegan hair range to introducing refill stations at salons for shampoo and conditioners, Bleach London is an eco trailblazer.

Not least with its latest innovation. Joining the Rose family is the new Rose Shampoo Bar, an at-home colour that lathers on, and off, in a couple of washes.

Bleach London Rose Shampoo Bar, £9 

Bleach London Rose Shampoo Bar, Bleach London Rose Shampoo Bar, £9

(Image credit: Bleach London)

100 per cent plastic-free and zero waste, it is the sustainable way to either add a subtle pink hue to your hair or top up your existing colour with a 2-minute toner.

Speaking about the new Rose Shampoo Bar, Alex Brownsell, Bleach London Founder and Creative Director said, “We have wanted to develop a plastic-free formula at Bleach for some time, so we’re very excited to introduce our new Toning Shampoo Bar. 

"It’s our mission to create a spectrum of hair products for people to experiment with at home, but it’s also our goal to continue improving our environmental impact. This is a new option for our most popular pink, with zero plastic.” 

Amen to that. 

Fiona Embleton is a beauty writer who is now Acting Beauty Editor at Stylist. She is obsessed with Isabel Marant and cats.