How to find your Hair Happy with at-home hair colour

So much more than a beauty cliché, a good hair day can make a real difference to our mood.

Not only is a shiny, healthy looking mane the confidence-boost we all need in the morning, but hair that plays ball saves precious time too. Increase the chances of waking up to a good hair day by colouring your hair carefully, with a high-quality colour like Schwarzkopf Color Expert, which offers a range of 16 different shades in natural blonde, rich brunette, deep red and black shades so you can pick the perfect colour for you.

We’ve enlisted the help of Schwarzkopf Color Expert Brand Ambassador Carolyn Newman, Woman & Home Beauty Director Sarah Cooper White, as well as influencers Natalie Ferrigno, Emily Jane Johnston and Helen Brookes to help you find your Hair Happy at home.

Pick your shade wisely

With so much choice, finding the right shade can feel like a daunting task. ‘If you normally have your hair coloured in the salon, ring your hairdresser and ask them which shade they would recommend,’ advises Sarah Cooper-White.

Preview your chosen colour before you take the plunge, with Choicify. Choicify is a mobile colour consultant which guides you through the tricky process of choosing the right hair colour. It’s simple to use, no download is required!

Don’t skip your Allergy Alert Test

A non-negotiable part of colouring your hair at home, an Allergy Alert Test is the only reliable way to reduce your chance of an allergic reaction. ‘You must do the allergy alert test 48 hours in advance, following the instructions on the leaflet,’ says Carolyn. In addition, a strand test is a great way to check you’re happy with the colour before you commit too.

Section hair properly

Whether you’re rocking thick locks like Emily or a chic bob like Helen, separating your hair into sections is key to a salon-worthy result. ‘Section your hair into four sections by splitting it down the centre and then across the crown from ear to ear,’ advises Carolyn. ‘To keep hair of the way, tie sections into four ponytails or clip out of the way and only tackle one section at a time.’

Create a barrier

You might love your new hair colour, but chances are you don’t want your ears or neck to match. ‘Apply a barrier cream like Vaseline around your hairline on the face, around the ears and down to your hairline at the back to prevent staining,’ says Carolyn. Wearing gloves during application will stop you from marking your mitts too.

Start at the back

To avoid confusion about which areas you’ve covered and which you haven’t, Carolyn suggests colouring the back first before moving on to the front sections. The back is trickier to tackle too, meaning you get the hardest part out of the way early on. ‘Work neatly and methodically using a comb or applicator bottle to section and always leave the fine hairline hairs at the front until last,’ says Carolyn.

Pick a hydrating formula

Colouring your hair can leave it dry, so follow Helen’s lead with a nourishing formula like Schwarzkopf Color Expert that re-hydrates as it colours. ‘I had a consultation with Carolyn who really reassured me about this home hair dye,’ she explains. ‘ It has OMEGAPLEX in it, it has hyaluronic acid – these two wonderful ingredients that really do help to prevent damage and give moisture to your hair.’ And Helen’s results really do speak for themselves. ‘It’s so glossy and looks much fuller than before.’

Take time for you

Living in unprecedented times, it’s no surprise we all feel in need of a little TLC – a feeling that encouraged Natalie to colour her hair at home for the first time. ‘I wanted to do something for me,’ she explains. ‘I need a little bit of me-time at the moment, as we all do. Just a little bit of self care.’

Banish greys

‘Colouring my hair is two fold – first my hair goes very warm in the summer and I want to be able to tone that down. I feel and look better with a cooler hair tone,’ explains Emily. ‘Secondly, since I’ve jumped over the hill of 40 I’ve had to start battling the grey hair debacle. Those grey and white hairs just like to come out of nowhere.’ Schwarzkopf Color Expert delivers up to 100% grey coverage, making light work of those salt and pepper strands.

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