9 Lipsticks You Can Wear Every Day

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  • Creamy, comfortable and universally flattering, no make-up bag should be without these wearable colours

    Despite being one of the oldest, most user-friendly beauty products out there, lipstick is still a little bit loaded for some of us. If you’ve always got a tube on the go you’ll know all about it’s easy transformative powers, if you’re a bit more wary, why? Could be the potential for smudging, uncertainty about shades or not wanting to send a subliminal ‘look at me’ message. All are valid concerns, but only when you think of lipstick in it’s most ostentatious incarnations, a Marilyn matte red for example. And that is not the sort of lipstick I’m here to talk about today. 
    The lipsticks on this list are all very much everyday, but anything but pedestrian – the type of thing you keep in your handbag or your desk at work, to quickly pop on when you need a boost. The shades whisper rather than shout with textures feel lovely all day long, from velvety creams to slick balms and not a lip-stickingly dry matte in the house. They’re also the easiest thing in the world to apply, with no prep or lining required, simply swipe on and get on with your day, looking and feeling a little brighter. 

    First up, from the queen of flattering makeup, Bobbi Brown Lip Color in #1 Salmon, £21, is a creamy, peachy nude with enough pigment to make it lipstick proper, but a soft enough shade to ensure you needn’t worry about regular touch ups. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Bobbi’s brand began with ten nude lipsticks for every skin tone, including this one – definitely worth a look.